03 February 2010

Haiti Animal Relief

The lives lost in the earthquake haunt me, I cannot begin to comprehend the numbers, we are so mighty and yet so frail. Haiti was in horrible shape before the earthquake, I cannot imagine what it must be like now. I have not seen any footage, I have stayed away from the news. I know the magnitude of the earthquake, that's really all the information I need. 

I have donated for the people, right away. We can be magnificent as a species, most of the world has done us proud - Israel was one of the first to send an aeroplane, which made me feel ridiculously comforted, my Israelis know how to cope with situations like this. Now it's the animals' turn. Well, teams have been on the field for a while but I think that now that hope of finding survivors is gone, even after the past miracles, people are more willing to donate for the animals. I did as soon as I found the links and it occurred to me I could actually post some of them here, should you want to as well.


You know, Haiti made me realise I never donated for any tsunami relief, not a cent. It never even occurred to me, I was too shocked to even think about it, for me only Uzi was maybe gone so there was no world left, I suppose, but I still feel guilty. Silly but there you have it. On the bright side, February's curse seems to be lifting and I hope to have good news soon - appendixes crossed!

4 furballs:

Kristin said...

Good luck with the potential good news!

Morhangeois said...

Spring is here Dr. Johnny!

Lioness said...

Why yes it is! Barucha haba'a!

Naomi said...

I donated to tsunami relief for you, querida. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.