05 January 2010

Come into my web

Hullo, insomnia. It's been a while.

Actually, it has not been a while, I've had the bad sort for a few weeks now - the one where you greet dawn feeling like a greek column, immobile and ancient. I caved in and bought the sleep inducer and it worked, I was asleep by 23.00 only to wake up at the witching hour, 3.40. Tonight was even more extreme, I woke up at 1.30. [GOOD MORNING, WORLD!] But I fear it is my fault, see, I have an electric mattress cover and I usually use it to warm up the bed and then turn it off. On both days I fell asleep with it on, only to wake up slightly on the broiled side, cluck. Luckily, the cover allows for only one side to be on so, in a catastrophic scenario, I'd have only set myself on fire but this notion is surprisingly lacking in comfort. Speaking of wich, I also experienced my first earthquake a few weeks ago, the sofa shook me from side to side for a few seconds. Terribly unnerving. I'm awfully aware [HA!] that we are no more than gnat pooh in the cosmic grand scheme but it was still - let's never mention it again, let's have no reason to, tfu tfu tfu, and trust the Weather Wardens know what they're doing.


Oh, speaking of broiling, I had a summer revelation! You know I always freeze, when normal people are still walking around bare-limbed I am already wearing layers. Sleeping with me is a miracle of resilience, which I know because insomnia also provides you with hours of observation and I am not exaggerating when I say sweat beads have been known to form on a manly forehead and duvets thrown away. Duvets. As in, plural. And maybe a blanket or two. [I'm sorry!] The rest of the world is more normal than me temperature-wise, can't be helped. Some of you are now wearing t-shirts in the home and walking around bare-footed, don't tell me you're not, and central heating might play a part but I have been in centrally heated homes in Winter (Squamish, I'm looking at you) and felt no need to disrobe, on the contrary, was very pissy they made me take off my shoes, my feet are always freezing as it is, shoeless it all goes to bloody hell. Anglos and their hygiene notions, honestly...

Anyway, in the summer (loosely described, it wasn't very hot at all) (*sob*) I went through a period when I couldn't fall asleep because I couldn't find a comfy enough position. I'd toss and turn and become completely entangled in my pyjammas and this went on for a few nights until I had this novel thought 'Wait, could I be... hot??' Honestly, I was skeptical. So I took off socks and pyjamma top, and switched to a tinner duvet and wouldn't you know it, I had been too hot to fall asleep! So not only can't my body thermoregulate, apparently still hanging on to its preemie status, not only do I have my temperaturitis crises, where I crash for no good reason other than the temperature dropped abruptly and my hypothalamus can't cope so I become cold, my legs become super cold and then warm up by quadrants, but I cannot recognise being too hot. Is this not weird? Mother is also a sharp contender for medical freakitude, she never has fevers. When I was born she nearly died of septicaemia but - no fever! We're a sturdy bunch, probably a good thing we don't breed much.


On the Kock Me Unconscious Now department, take a guess at what I'll be doing in a few hours. It's thesis-related and oh such fun! I need to go drop off the cd-versions of the thesis, then request the proper documents and hope they won't take a fortnight, then find the place where you can request your criminal record - or rather, the proof of lack thereof - and then wait patiently till I have it all and register with the Order of the Phoenix. Not really, but can you imagine how fun that would be? Johnny, Auror - *zap*!


Watched Avatar. My friend Bee had frowningly told me she'd enjoyed it but it was very American. Having now watched it (and enjoyed it) I see what she means. But, BUT! The woman can still stomach Tarantino and listens to Bordel Gogol [Or Gogol Bordel, I never have it right much to her aggravation but really, who the bloody hell cares, have you listened to them? Quite.] Me? I need my happy endings and, above all, the colours reminded me of La sOurce et la sOnde at times but mostly it was just this incredibly eery, blue world that made feel like I was, indeed, breathing underwater.

Not a bad way to start one's year, yes?

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Anonymous said...

The Order of the Phoenix Recruitment Bureau kindly requests your application for the position of Auror.
Please send by return owl.
thank you and good luck,
K., junior member

Flicka said...

I loved Avatar. But then I'm an American.

I have the same temerature-related insomnia that you do. I woke up the other night with my head buzzing at intervals and it only stopped when I took my flanel pajama bottoms and hoodie sweatshirt off. I have no idea what the solution is because I can't fall asleep without ten layers of clothing, including fleece kneesocks. Striptease at 1 AM? :/ You're not alone.

QuietusLeo said...

CD version?
CD version!
The powers that be, seem to be obsessive compulsive, no?

Anonymous said...

I can't decide how I feel about Avatar (and I haven't even seen it yet). The blue does look pretty.

I have resolved to never write a thesis because it seems like it is very time consuming.

Hope you get some sleep soon.

JoeinVegas said...

My goodness, not done with that thesis yet? And a police record card? How complicated to become a DOCTOR!!!!!

Lioness said...

K., oh how I wish!

Flicka, I love you! To loosely quote 'We're not freaks, we're prototypes'! I have the solution, buy one of those mattress covers, set a timer, that way you'll fall asleep warm but it will turn itself off and thou shall not roast. Also, FLEECE KNEEHIGH SOCKS?? God I hate living in the 3rd world! I have been looking for proper football socks, you know, like the ones the blokes wear on the field bcs they come up to my knees and don't constrict my legs but not having much luck. And hey, I liked Avatar and am not American!

QL, oh yes! 4 copies of the thesis, plus 2 of the abstract, one in Portie, one in English - in different CD's of course. It's all very mental.

Dana, you know that makes absolutely no sense, yes? :D Watch it, it's very worth it, if only for the colours and the general universe. Never write a thesis, it's a bloody hell.

Joe, I know! Am good now, all I need to do is pick up the certificate when it's done - fortnight or so, am guessing. You'll also be happy to know I now have proof I am not, nor was I ever, a criminal. Yey?