01 January 2010


Doesn't the date look cute? [That is, btw, the way a date should look: day, month, year.] [Yes.] So binary! My inner geek is delighted! *squeal*

This post is brought to you far too you early in the morning by the dog's brain misfiring. She hadn't had a seizure in a year so it's actually not too bad. She is now curled up asleep, being licked by J.I.P., who's decided to start 2010 with some love spread. The funny bit is, I just bougt some rectal diazepam because I reckoned we were in for a seizure soon and forgot it in the car. *sigh*

I spent another brilliant New Year's Eve at my friends', immersed in club music. We danced like there was no tomorrow again and my choice of shoes revealed itself to have been remarkably poor. Sexy they are but jumping around in them - and there was mostly dancing but also some distinct jumping up and down - was, in painful retrospect, not a good decision. By the time we arrived home my 80-yo knees were hurting. They are still vaguely throbby as I type so Lesson learnt but God, was it fun! Videos were made, as per new tradition, I will post them soon.

I did manage to have my hair cut before the year ended, and it's too soon to say bcs my hair always resents haircuts for a few days so the post-op drama is not necessarily meaningful, but I don't think this is the cut I wanted - which is my fault, since I did print out a pic and then forgot to take it with me. As it is now, it looks like I imagine Trixie Belden's hair would, who wants that? Also, the highligts (and it's amazing how ash blonde hair tends to go grey. Yey.) are definitely not the colour I requested, my hair doesn't look like it does after long sun exposure, they're... orangey? My friends say I'm being daft, there's no orange. I say lo, there is. It's not a colour I am used to at any rate. See how bleak? No you don't, because unless it gets better there won't be any picture-posting soon, eh. Ah, it doesn't really matter, it will grow back anyway. Fast, thankfully.

I know many of you checked in on the 26th, assuming I'd probably written about Uzi. It was the first time I didn't, it seemed - redundant? How many ways can one person find to say you're dead, I miss you every fucking day of my life? There was a kibbutz ceremony and it was the first year Lila didn't speak as well. Same phenomenon. It wasn't a horrible day, it was quietly filled with him. I still cannot believe half a decade had passed since, but time doesn't fret about us. I was watching the telly and they announced they were going to show new footage and I was bracing myself for it, paying hommage and all that, until my brain started working correctly again and announced I could actually change the channel, Uzi would certainly be pissy if the images triggered Laika dreams and drowning polar bears obsessing, and how could they not? So I changed channels and remain sane. I knew many of you remembered, and that is as important today as it was wen it first happened. More important, actually. [And Nancy, yes, you are very real.]

The past few years have been ridiculously hard. There were important things along the way, many of which I blogged about, things that ended up making my life easier in some ways, but on the whole it's been bloody rough. The funny bit? Everyone keeps telling me how Pisces have been the underdog of the horoscope for years (ha!) but it's all about to change, we're going to be positively blessed now - by Jupiter, I think? Doesn't matter really, we are going to rule the zodiac and kick astro ass this year! I have decided I am a firm believer, can't wait to be the universe's pet. *struts and rocks on with her bad self*

I wish you all love of the sort that makes everything shine truer, be it romantic or not, lives filled with the right people and the strength to go mediaevally DEL on the wrong ones, books that grab you by your throat and jolt your bonemarrow, days filled with laughter, nights filled with proper sleep, days and nights filled with most excellent shags [maybe not filled, people need to make a living after all, but do your best], jobs that fulfill you and splendid health and enough money to enjoy them all. Oh, and tea-doilied kittens!

It's a gorgeous, blindingly cold day outside and the house is quiet for now. I'll quietly slip back into bed, to read chick lit and Dune. Consider yourselves thoroughly Portie-smooched, dahlings!

7 furballs:

lorem ipsum said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Happy 01-01-10 and beyond, love!

P.S. I have my own idea about Trixie Belden's hair too. Can't wait to compare.

Kristin said...

Smooches, dahlink! Happy Happy New Year Dr. Johnny.

BTW, I love that you remember Trixie Belden. I read all those books when I was in elementary school.

Eliyahu said...

amen to the awesome blessings! as well, may the stars and planets be aligned perfectly, and shine up your perfect next hair cut/makeover!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy New Year! Was thinking just the other day about spending new year's eve 2005 with you, with all the dancing and singing and (oof!) those two sulking men in the corner... And here we are, boldly striding into the 2010s. Rock on with your bad self, dear, and I'll do the same. xxoo

(My word verification term is is "coentent" - beautifully close to "content," wouldn't you say? Happy new year!)

Old Bald Helen said...

Just in case this further delights your inner Greek, 010110's decimal value is 22, and its hexadecimal value is 16. That info might come in handy if you're planning to visit Athens any time soon. Which you really ought to consider: Greeks (inner and otherwise) abound there.

Καλή Χρονιά, dear Lioness!

Anonymous said...

I so thought I was the only person who read Trixie Belden! Awesome to know that I am not.

Love you so very much and hope that Jupiter is good to us both. It's about time we Pisces have some good stuff happen to us.

Lioness said...

Lorem, there will be no comparing, it's a horrid cut! We're not amused. Also, finding out Trixie was called Trixie, and Honey was called Honey, was a bit of a shock - in Portuguese they're called Patricia and Nora. *faints* Also, the books are so prudish, I now realise, does she EVER even kiss Jim, do you know? Or do they become engaged straight away? You know, like Bollywood.

Kristin, 2010 had better be splendid! Re Trixie, see above. I don't think I could re-read them now, but they were good fun when I was little.

V., my memory is giving me a bit of a fright, I remember no dancing, just teh sour faces over the loud music. Bless the meek? Rocking on in progess, oh yes!

Old Bald Helen, always a bloody pleasure! You made me laugh. Feliz ano novo!

Dana, all planets and moons are going to be good to us, that's the word on the astro street. Agreed on teh about time, yes yes yes. Beijos e abraços!