16 November 2009

To all of you

Finishing this degree at last has been very disconcerting. I still don't feel relief, as people said I would, I just feel tired, and tired, and a bit more tired, I still have to work on the thesis before I hand in the final revised versions but I really am fit for nothing right now.

This is meant to explain why I neglected to post this, which has been ready from almost the moment I started writing my thesis all those months ago. I think there is also a bit of denial involved, since I have not been able to tell anyone in Israel that I am finished, because the person I want to tell the most will soon have been dead for five years.

So, in my thesis there's this:

This thesis was very hard to write on almost every level. The acknowledgements, however, were not. If I'm still standing, it is also very much because of all of you:

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Kristin said...

That is beautiful!

Lilian said...

I know the feeling, finishing the PhD was the most anti-climatic event of my life. The defense was ok, but then there were the grueling, absurdly intense reviews, then the last minute (literally!) submission online, then more minor revisions before the university finally accepted the document on time for me to participate of commencement, so, yeah, it is like that. Very disconcerting as you said.

What beautiful dedication and acknowledgments! I posted mine on the blog too, since I thanked my blogging friends for the support. I'm really glad that you're finally done and that you slain the dragons!

Anonymous said...

oh Johnny. the first dedication breaks my heart. the second makes me grin.
so glad i've been visiting here through it all.
thank you for giving us a glimpse of yourself!
looking forward to The New Adventures of Dr. Johnny, The Lioness of Vet-dome :)
ps. the WV here are insane lately! (prackbm?!)

Shoe said...

How bittersweet.

Mazel tov!

Much love, my dear friend.

Flicka said...


JoeinVegas said...

Well, congratulations - now it really is Doctor Lioness!!

Nancy said...

Doctor Lioness in da'HOUSE!!