05 November 2009

Defence set for Thursday in the afternoon?


6 furballs:

kirkjerk said...

American Football and I guess basketball has a great tradition of yelling "DE! FENCE! DE! FENCE! DE! FENCE!" when the other team has the ball.

Sometimes they even hold up a giant letter "D" and then a crude representation of a picket fence. (Sometimes too crude, and it looks like a # sigh, and I think they might be cheering for the musical note D-sharp -- I much prefer E-flat)

So, imagine a giant hoard of enthusiastic Americans cheering you on too defensive victory!

Or, don't, and just do the thing w/ the powerpoint and the teeth.

kirkjerk said...

Oh actually more than the "D sharp" thing, when I hear them yell "De! Fence!" I think they should complete it as a grammar lesson "De Fence! Dat Fence! Doze Fences!"


Kristin said...

Woohooo. The end is in sight!

Udge said...


Nikki said...

Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

kick those teeth's asses! er...i mean, good luck!
ps. haha, my WV is 'prost'! how appropriate :)