11 May 2009

Silver lining

The cyst is still stubbornly clinging to your lower eyelid and the new doctor actually manages to aggravate you, why eye doctors with perfect vision keep telling you that why, half a diopter more isn't much at all!, when in fact you cannot recognise faces at a ridiculous close distance now even with much squinting, and he cannot fathom why the computer should bother you, the cyst, the pointy, pus-filled, inflammed cyst rubbing against your cornea all bloody day shouldn't bother you at all, it is such a tiny thing after all!, in fact, you are writing this and the screen brightness is making you blink madly but surely it is because you are weak-minded, and then you failed the Schirmer's test again, you have only 2/3 of the tears you should have but that shouldn't bother you at all either, and the fact that the first thing you do when you wake up is rub your eyes furiously because they itch and your eyelids are always a bit red and you're prone to overblinking anyway is further proof that you must be having the vapours, daily, and then you go and see the new OB-GYN and did you know you have a lovely cervix?, well you do, simply lovely, and your endometrium looks just gorgeous and your ovaries have a few very healthy-looking and equally gorgeous follicles, and your boobs are exactly where they should be, and, because it had suddenly (!) occurred to you that gynecologists also deliver babies and it's important to you to make sure that, should you ever need an obstetrician, you have one that perfectly fits you and that's why you chose this one, you also asked him abt his views on childbirth and lo, he is against tying women to the bed or not allowing them to assume whatever position they want, he thinks women should walk, squat or whatever they please for as long as they need to, and no pushing before they feel the need and no unnecessary IV fluids either, and he even promised you that should you miscarry in his hands he will ensure you have proper analgesia and anti-emetics from the start and won't be left to suffer for hours on end before the D&C and it is vastly reassuring on many levels, especially considering Portugal is Europe's first runner-up for the c-section record and what, Portie women are somehow more physically and anatomically incapable than their European couterparts?, so very worrisome, and then you return home and by half nine you are finally finished with the 2-day long organising marathon that involved procuring many a box from Ikea so you could sort out all your closets because clutter descends upon you when things don't have a permanent place, and single items find other single items when you're not looking and then one day you wake up in the middle of the night and realise that what woke you up was the noise from the rampant, garment-rabbity fornication in your closet, and it doesn't surprise you at all to realise that single items now run in herds, much like rabbits would, if they were cows.

2 furballs:

Kristin said...

I can barely read the part about the infected stye because it makes my eyes water in sympathy. Hope it feels beter soon.

Anonymous said...

i WAS wondering about the noises from my wardrobe. i should come to you with all my questions;)
hope you feel better soon!