26 November 2008

Post secret

I don't know what his reasons were and I don't care, I DON'T CARE, I feel sick, right now I could kill this man myself, how dare he, how, HOW?


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Kristin said...

Oh honey...I hope this is just someones idea of a seriously fucked up joke. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Udge said...

{{{ johnny }}}

D said...

Who sent this??

CarpeDM said...

I saw that and was sickened by it. I didn't realize you read post secret or I would have warned you.

I have been thinking many bad thoughts about that person. There's no excuse.

Anonymous said...


There are no words.


Anonymous said...

i just don't understand this

hang in there, dear,

Lioness said...

Kristin, thanks, I don't think it is a joke. There's a family somewhere that never got a body and, had it been me, I'd be holding on to the amnesiac but alive and happy scenario. FUCKER. I'm all right now.

Udge, yeah. Tnx, dahling.

D., no one sent it to me, theys ent an email to postsecret, I was just lucky enough to see it.

Dana, right? Obscene. I don't even check every week, just unlucky, I suppose.

N., I do have a few, of choice.

K., neither do I. Hope karma kicks some soul arse, int his life still, preferably.

Vacant Uterus said...

Oh dear, I'm late to this post. Johnny, I'm sorry. I wish I was there to hug you right now. And not with my ass sticking out, all American-like.

You're beautiful and wonderful and I'm heartbroken that you're having to feel this way right now. I wish it had never happened.