18 November 2008

Now with jetlag

Hi dahlings, I'm back, of sorts. Loved Berkeley and San Francisco, loved LOVED Vancouver, loved being with my friends, it was mostly divine [the bits that weren't were truly horrific but they don't concern me directly so I'll not blog abt those]. I'll slowly post abt it all with pics and will upload them all to my flickr account, am battling jetlag, skin explosion and an allergic crisis so it will take a while, but this was the coolest thing I did during this fortnight, right here - faint of heart be warned:
I necropsied a sea lion! A SEA LION! Who has the best friends, with the greatest connections, who does? I do!

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Kristin said...

What a cool thing to get to do. Glad you had a fabulous trip!

Anonymous said...

wow. and somehow you have a look of a woman who has just de-hearted a feckless male.
but so glad you liked Canada best;-)

Anonymous said...

Fónix ! :|

Lord Chimmy said...

So, what did you find out from the sea lion necropsy? And, have you ever studied sea lions before? Vets get exposed to such variety!

Udge said...

Shhhh! don't shout, else they'll all want one.

I'm glad you had a good time, but I'm also glad to have you back at the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

And here I expected you to post the pic of the esophagus. I was awfully proud of taking that shot without retching. Believe me, the smell was getting to me, but I am a dedicated friend, yes I am.

So glad it brought you joy!! Come back and I'll see if we can rassle up a whale for you next time around.

Aurelia said...

So glad you were there for your friend in Vancouver. So so glad. You are awesome, my dear!

JoeinVegas said...

This photo is currently unavailable? Glad you had a good time on the trip.

Vacant Uterus said...

I can't see the photo, blast it all!

I'm glad you had a mostly good trip; sorry to hear that there was any horror at all. :-( I can't wait to see the rest of the pics! Hope the allergies cleary quickly!

Any chance of a visit to the East Coast any time soon? Sam is still waiting for that nibble...


Lioness said...

Kristin, I did, it was fab! Jetlag is killing me though, 1 am and I just woke up from a nap. Doomed.

K., I know, don't I look mental? I couldn't resist it! So you're Canadian?? Am confused!

Chimmy, no, this was my first sea lion, and what I know abt them I learnt on my own.

Udde, thanks dahling, hope my brain unfreezes soon!

V., the oesophagus was dull actually, not even a parasite; the kidneys were so pretty though.

Aurelia, well, I hope that's the end of it. Fingers crossed.

Joe, it's fixed now.

Flicka, oooh, the nibbling, I could do that, yes! We'll see, I don't plan to set foot on an aeroplane EVER AGAIN, or till I forget how much flying hurts my knees anyway, horrid flights.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lioness,
let me explain. I am a Canadian (of Polish-Jewish heritage) living in Amsterdam at the mom. And next month i'm going home after year and a half of expatdom. oh the food, the smothering by the parental unit, the three weeks of unprecedented book binging...though i doubt i'll get to do anything cooler than hold a (live) kitten. oh well.
hope the jetlag goes to jetlag hell really soon!

CarpeDM said...

Wow. I love you but that is scary. You do look like you're the scariest butcher ever.

I wish I could offer you sea lions but they're not very popular in Minnesota for some odd reason.