27 November 2008


... I hadn't written one of these in a while:

Mother: So what do you do for lunch at the clinic then?
Me: I eat there.
Mother: How do you mean? Is there a cafe?
Me: No, I eat the lunch that I brought from home there, there's a microwave and a fridge.
Mother: But... Wherever do you get those lunches from??
Me: From my kitchen!
Mother: Really? So - you cook them?
Me: No mother, I cajole the nice people across the hall to cook for me; if I bully them long enough they do it.
Mother: Well, no need for that is there, there's nothing wrong with my wanting to know!

: So when are you going to bed?
Me: Right now, am knackered.
Mother: ...
Me: Mother?
Mother: You know I have to say this, don't you. Don't forget to brush your teeth, it's very bad to go to sleep with unbrushed teeth.

37, why do you ask?

6 furballs:

Vacant Uterus said...

Also, don't run with a lollipop in your mouth. If you fall over you'll choke and die.

Kristin said...

And, make sure you have on clean underwear before you leave the house...LOL

Lord Chimmy said...

My mother also cannot resist giving those motherly gems away...

Today she reminded me that I was allergic to shellfish. "Gee, mom, thanks. I plumb forgot."

You know who said...

Wait -- YOU cook lunches for yourself? I, too, am incredulous. I know about your eating habits. I know WHEN you eat lunch, for example. Methinks you are misleading your mother and all of us, too. (Ducks quickly.)

Udge said...

I think YKW is teasing us...

And for what it's worth, all mothers always think that their children haven't really eaten since the last time they cooked for them.

CarpeDM said...

I talked to my mother last night and got a lecture on my hair color. Apparently the fact that I dyed my hair True Red is appalling. I feel the need to shave it off and tie dye my scalp for revenge.