19 September 2008

Like sands through the hourglass

[Last exam in 8.30h (PRAY FOR ME) (SERIOUSLY) and still need to memorise how to properly diagnose and characterise clostridiosis in lambs and piglets, ever so useful, and whatever else pertaining to 36 infectious diseases -

Vet Student at Work PAIN

- (JUST PRAY) but then I'll be done and instead of this announcement I'll tell you why I cannot wait -
CANNOT WAIT! - to have my clothes cut off my body, with scissors, by my colleagues. It might be long, bring sleeping bags. Either way, I'm so almost-back I can taste it. HOLLA AT YOUR GIRL!]


UPDATE: Just found out I passed Internal Medicine, which means I can now start my internship and am one grade away from being done, which means I promptly burst into tears, which means I am a tad hysterical right now. It has this very moment become real, one grade away from being free, when did this happen??

16 furballs:

Lord Chimmy said...

Wait a second? (almost typed sexond). They cut your clothes off?! Interesting...

You're almost done! So many years of studying and you're near the end. I don't think 36 infectious diseases will stop you!

Lioness said...


Including Pasteurella it's 37. Plus the bloody subgroups. GAH! I want to weep but I'll revise instead.

And they do, they do!

José said...

Sai uma oração pela futura-já-hoje-veterinária!

Está feito!

Anonymous said...

Go Johnny go! Go Johnny go! Sending you every ounce of mojo I've got on offer... Can't wait to hear your chipper voice tomorrow AND welcome you here in just TWO MONTHS!!!!! xxoo V.

brooksba said...

You can do it! I am sending smart thoughts your way!

(The word verification is emupet. Made me smile. Fitting for a vet student post. But a little scary because I was attacked by emus before. I didn't really want to pet them.)

Boulder said...

I have faith in you - you can do this!!! I cannot believe how long you've been testing and I cannot wait for the next phase of your life to begin.

PASS THIS EXAM, darling!

Kath said...

Go, go, go, my dear -- best of luck to you -- and then come back and tell us all about it!

You're so close now, so very close!

(Cut your clothes off? Don't they have zippers in Portie-land?)

Lioness said...

Oh good God, you guys, now you made me cry! I know I'm half mental with lack of sleep, too old for this all-nighter rubbish but still - YOU MADE ME CRY!


Kristin said...

You can do it Johnny. Hopes and prayers for a good finish!

lorem ipsum said...

Retroactive prayers and hopes that it went well, and that you don't have to wait too long to get good news (and naked)!


Nancy said...

Well done Johnny... and

humm people willing to cut you out of your clothes are hard to come by..

well...maybe not for YOU..

Most people would pay me to keep mine on.


Vacant Uterus said...

You can do it, Johnny! (And yes, I am praying real prayers for you!) Congrats on passing Internal Med! Wahoo!

Try to ear clothes you don't like too much, okay? I'd hate to see anything relaly gorgeous destroyed in the cutting process.


Vacant Uterus said...

er, that should have been WEAR. Don't ear anything, okay?

CarpeDM said...

I know you can do this! You are brilliant! Brilliant!

Am waiting to hear about this being cut out of your clothes. Sounds interesting.

Kristin said...


QuietusLeo said...

I definitely understand with how you must feel right now as I have posted in the past.
Good luck!!