29 September 2008

Full Circle


15 furballs:

lorem ipsum said...

Happy new year to you too! But is that all they cut off? I was expecting gratuitous nudity and PASSED marks smeared all over your body in lipstick!

Kristin said...

Happy New Year Johnny.

brooksba said...

Fabulous! Congratulations!

Udge said...

Congratulations! Happy new year, and go save some bunnies.

(and a nod to Lorem: right)

Lioness said...

Lorem - Well, they did cut off some more afterwards although if you look carfeully this is quite a lot already - but see, this is a clothes ripping ritual, not actual soft porn. Dude.

K, thanks, you too.

Beth, who'd ever imagine this day would actually come??

U, thanks, will do my best. Read above. You are all mental!

kirkjerk said...

All right, I'll stop. (After all, when some one has worked to get an academic impressive, the proper tone for well-wishers to take is one of happiness and delight and impressed-ness, but not surprise)
So all of that!

Vacant Uterus said...

Happy New Year and WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

You are the happenningest vet to ever walk the earth and YAY for all you've accomplished and YAY for all you're going to do! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAA!!!!!!

JoeinVegas said...

Happy New Year and congratulations! Worth the price of clothes (compared to the price of the tears so far).
When can I bring my dog in?

QuietusLeo said...

Shana Tova and Congratulations!

Kath said...

Congratulations, dear Lioness!! I was thinking about you today on your first day of work, and hoping I could see the promised pictures of your underwear here soon. And look, here they are! Rips become you, my dear.

Anonymous said...


oh, and PARABENS.

I hardly know how to talk to you know that you're not studying anymore.


José said...

que raio de tradição!
Exclusivo de Veterinária?
Seja como for: PARABÉNS!

Lioness said...

Kirk, I did, I made it!!!!! And you can sound surprised all you want, I know I actually was. Still seems unreal!

F., WOOT!!! Thanks! You are the funniest, thanks!

Joe, those were old clothes I wore on purpose, very baggy, ugly jeans at that. Even if they had been new it'd have been worth it, it really brings makes the fact that you're done, DONE!, realer.

QL, thanks, and you too.

Kath, ah, a surprise twist, I actually started the internship on Monday, 2 days earlier than expected. Rips finally do, yes!

V., isn't it bizarre? Still can't fathom it.

J., parece que não, parece que nalguns cursos de informática tb é assim. Obrigada!

CarpeDM said...

You are so brilliant! YAYAYAYAY!

Now come make Kalli stop kneading my arm. I'm getting tired of the scabs. And could you make her calm down a bit?

Love you so much! Beijos!

Wait. You're coming to the US? When? What?

Dale said...

Hey, congratulations, you!