07 July 2008

*Insert stream of curses here*

My school seems to have an implicit - and often explicit [as in Of course the 2nd season exam will be harder bcs students who take those are dumber and study less so they should be penalised, end of quote] - policy of Let's see how many we can make fail this exam, but today's Herd Health exam was utterly ridiculous, even for us. We are all shocked and I could not find a colleague (and we filled 3 classrooms) that was hopeful of passing it, NOT ONE. And the top students, the ones who memorise everything easily and always have top grades regardless of level of difficulty? Well, they quit the exam, chose not to have it graded (we can do that), which means we are all lost. See, this class is ridiculous anyway, it's the one everyone needs to take to have their Masters Degree so today's exam was full of us and colleagues that are already working, including one Dr. from the hospital (Radiology). Some flew in from abroad just to take it, others drove in from the north/South. The curriculum is basically the rehashing of information we have been taught already, rangeing from the 1st to the 4th year, but with excruciating minutiae, and loads and loads of pertinent facts that sound like robot names and vaccination schedules for horses and sheep and rabbits and cats and dogs and pigs and even bloody chickens. So for the exam let's say we try to improve our Failing Students Standards and, for example, the class notes actually cover parasitoses from A through D. Wouldn't it be fun if we then asked them abt parasitoses E through G??? It would, they'd never see that worm coming! Bcs, see, they won't know the answers since these diseases were not included in the class material! What mirth, and how easy! Why, just use really bad Portuguese so they don't even know what you want from them bcs they cannot understand the question, and then add to the mix totally random diseases that they absolutely don't expect bcs they were covered in the 3rd year in a different subject and they already passed that, focus on the most minute details of every bloody thing, and then watch how a whole class and then some fails! How normal is it that everyone I talked to, me included, had to invent answers??

Grades out tomorrow, how fucking brilliant. I personally cannot wait.

Now I need to go extract a molar and buy some clonixin bcs I have an exam on Friday which I now, more than ever, need to pass - Public Health Inspection, btw, the one where I learnt that vets can also inspect hairdressers. My life is a bleeding cartoon, honestly.

PS - Have just discovered that the dog peed on my bed, soaking up a pillow, the duvet cover and the matress. Dog, not the best day for separation anxiety rubbish and owner punishment, perhaps? Nothing says I love you like urea.

PPS - The universe has decided I am the bird on its windscreen today, arrived at the clinic at 14.00, door closed, little sign on the door says lunch hours 13.00-15.00. Now, when I made my appointments I parroted the dates and times back to the assistant from my .txt file, anyone care to offer suggestions as to how I ended up being booked for a time when the clinic is closed? I couldn't stay and wait for - for whatever, who knows, bcs I had to be home at half three anyway so it's a good thing I have another appt. for Wednesday, though now I need to check every single one again bcs my next appointmenst are at 2 as well but sod this, a tooth extraction the very day before an exam, just lovely. I don't think I've even had dinner yet but I'm so knackered right now I'll skip lunch as well for a while longer and just grab a Dick Francis book and curl up on the sofa for a bit,

PPPS - ARGHHHH!!!! There are 3 dentists in the building, and the security guard sent me to one of them, like that, which happened to not be mine. I could be toothless by now! Bloody bloody bleeding hell!

PPPPS - My mobile, they have my mobile, why didn't they ring?? I wandered around like a beheaded chicken for 20 min still! [Brill idea but it turns out they couldn't, they see hundreds of patients and have too many specialties to keep track. Bugger.]

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Udge said...

Oh dear! What a life. I only hope Papoila doesn't follow you on Twitter. Hugs and best wishes, may the stupidity and hte horror soon be over.

QuietusLeo said...

Keep your eye on the ball, I know you can do it!
And in the meantime,
*insert shameless plug here*
here's something to keep you smiling.

If this town had more bookstores, we'd have to call it Johnnylandia. said...


So many books await you. Books and goofy name-that-80s-tune games and long talks. And sleep! And actual relaxation! And sanity! You'll make it through. I know you will, no matter how many curve balls the universe (and the screwball Portuguese educational system) send your way.


Dexter Colt said...

I have found that a lot of these graduate-level professors- while brilliant- are often horrible exam writers. But, there are also those spiteful jerks who simply enjoy writing impossible exams.

I don't see the merit in writing such an exam. I can invent a test that no one could pass. Though what point would it serve? In my mind, if most of the class fails the exam then the professor is the one who failed [at their job].

Diana said...

Urgh. Can't get much bloody worse is all that can be said for it all. Surely they can't fail the whole 3 classrooms, can they? Or can they?

Perhaps Dog can bless each and every one of the exam writers in similar fashion? If she runs out of urea, Molly'd be happy to donate. Tell her she's a "Good Dog!, Oh, yes you are, Molly!" and fountains for all the wretched ones. Just give the word.

Ms. Krieger said...

I noticed on your Twitter feed that you were going to explain the phonology of "Srugim", the Het-Resh-Samech. Is that the three-letter root (i'm not sure where the Het is but perhaps I'm being dense?) Please do explain it, I love Semitic word roots and am terribly curious now what you were talking about.