08 July 2008

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a 10, the bare passing minimum, oh what a gorgeous grade, I PASSED HERD HEALTH!!!!!!!!

I'm certain they gave everyone bonus points, at least 2 more, that Gauss curve must have been a shocker and the grades are far too average for all our combined despair, the teachers' policy - if we're lucky, bcs sometimes over 70% fail and they can't be bothered, we're all lazy sods who don't go to classm, they say, it's nothing on them - anyway, they artificially inflate the grades and a bloody good thing it is, imagine where I'd be?? In bloody tears, I tell you!

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!



PS - Do you know what this means?! I just realised - I'll never have to learn cowy et al things again, I have passed all Large Animal classes! Also, provided I've passed Internal Medicine - PLEASE GOD - I'm 5 classes away from being a DVM.


*stampedes naked down the street*

9 furballs:

treppenwitz said...

Just try to retain just a little of that stuff. I mean, who knows when you'll be asked to assess/improve the health of someone's herd. :-)

Lioness said...

Trepp, don't make me hurt you now and spoil this joy!

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I was in the garden & S came down to give me the news. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! You're so close, so close, to being Dr. Johnny!!!!

Take THAT, herds!

QuietusLeo said...

Good for you!!!!!!
Hey! What do you have against cows? They are lovely creatures. As a former dairy farm worker (I milked my way through school) I say this:
Some of the nicest people I've ever met were cows.

Dexter Colt said...

Congratulations on getting separated from the herd.

This reminds me...I had a mentor who used to say, "Don't try to be the best. Just passing is good enough."

Hopefully your next five exams are easier than this one. Almost there ;)

JoeinVegas said...

WOW!! Congratulations! Know you will pass the rest!
(PS what street is that? I may come over just for the parade)

Anonymous said...

The image of you stampeding naked down the street in your particular neighborhood (would you go past the post office? the esplenadas? would you be shod or unshod?) and the reaction you'd get from your fellow porties is giving me a good good-morning giggle. Hilarious.

Kristin said...

Lots of Congrats to you! Woohooooo

Diana said...

NO! Really? WOW!!!!

I want to say something about the class as a herd but can't come up with the words to express it. Hell with it.


Just wait, sometime a cow will cross your path sometime. Perhaps a cow stuck in a 'fridge with malfunctioning coils or something and THEN you'll be glad, yes you will.