09 June 2008

Why I sometimes have trouble breathing

Welcome to my semblance of a life:


I need to pass every single one of these exams, and actually during the first exam seasom, before the pause - they're all on top of each other after that and if you didn't know enough the first time how ever will you learn what you still need in no time at all?? The technical name for the break between seasons is Paedagogical Pause. You know, allows you for time to study for the next season. TWO DAYS! Bloody hell, do we feel mocked. And mind, this schedule assumes I passed the Economy exam I wrote last Friday. WHICH I DID, I MUST HAVE, I DID.

That first fortnight is really doing me in, Pharmacology and Internal Medicine are nightmarishly difficult subjects; Animal Products Technology [you know, cheese. Milk. Butter. Icecream. Hard sausages.] is dull as fuck but the texts are thick and detailed as if it truly mattered any, and Surgery is always a horror for me, even though Orthopoedics is already done, so there's that - but there are hernias repair and ruminotomies, blech, among other minutely detailed procedures; Inspection is actually fun to study, fish diseases and ID, bird diseases, ostrich and rabbits. But yes, it is a bloody lot and I worry.

So I should stop writing and get to it - am actually typing as I print yet more material.

Funny moment? See the Férias? Holyday, they say! HAHAHAHAHA! Who survives that?! OH THE PRESSURE! The river I might throw myself in seems increasingly discerning and enticing.

Prayers and voodoo dolls and whatever else might work most welcome.

12 furballs:

Savtadotty said...

On behalf of my dog, I thank you!

D said...

Whine, whine whine... Have some more whine! lmao!

Anyway. I will be submitting my request for an audience with your lionessness anytime between June 30th and July 30th. I do sincerely hope you will be able to find a spot for me - however brief - in your hopelessly overcrowded schedule. Drinks are on me. Bring Papoila.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was the Férias part that got to me, too. It's rather like saying: we will torture you mercilessly for a month, non-stop, and then cheerfully say, "ok, kids, off you go for a holiday! Have fun!" Evil.

You can do it, though. I know you can. And we'll all understand if you vanish for the next month (and I won't send you anymore scary pictures, I promise).

Good luck, querida.

Shoe said...

You are so close to the end.... soooooo cloooose! Yes it will be hell, yes it all sounds positively ghastly but honestly... you are SOOOOO CLOOOOSE!

Ed said...

Positive thoughts coming to you from over here.
I'm taking my dog to the vet on Friday to have a growth removed and I'll be thinking of you.

JoeinVegas said...

Yes, keep going - you have come so far it is just a little longer.
Oh - maybe you can help, my dog has this funny . . .

Anonymous said...

I just learned lat last night that you called to share Papoila's bone-crunching noises. I am SO sorry I missed that. (The original message I got was, "Johnny called. She'll call you later." Gah.)

Love to Papoila and her bone-crushing jaws, and to you and your brilliant (though no doubt over-full) brain). Minou, the Frenchman, and I are rooting for you.


CarpeDM said...

You are very close. And the classes are over. That's good, right? I will be praying mightily. Seem to have misplaced my voodoo doll.

Udge said...


Just do it.

(makes gestures of support and encouragement)

oh, why bother? you know the sound of my voice said...

Re your twitter comment about basil - it's manjericão, and it's damned hard to find in Lisbon.

M said...

you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lioness:

I have followed your comments to Diana for years with much enjoyment. I used to work with a Portuguese before I retired and found her to be equally as interesting as you are. She teaches English As A Second Language to Russians and Mexican students and does a great job. If you ever come to Oregon--ask Diana where it is--I would love to introduce you to her,

Keep on Blogging, The Ole RF-er