05 June 2008

Guess who's coming for brunch!


PAHTY, dahlings!!!! Good God, I can't even imagine, we're finally going to meet! Oh the drama and the shoes and the fun and the shoes and the drinking and the shoes and the giggling and the shoes and the sheer amount of yapping and the bloody shoes!

I hope we both survive it.

13 furballs:

José said...

Algum código secreto feminino??

Lioness said...

Não,são mesmo sapatos, a Manuela tem Loboutins e Jimmy Choos verdadeiros! (Agora vá ao Google, vá.)

Shoe said...

heh... I don't even speak a lick of Portugese but even I could figure out that exchange! Shoes, glorious shoes!

Johnny, I am so freaking excited I can't even STAND it. I hope you have someone with a video apparatus available to record our meeting, because I'm quite sure I will have a vagal FIT. (heh)

Udge! Surely you've seen me here often enough to at LEAST have a clue who I am! hrmph.

I also plan on cooking for you, dear Johnny. Daily. I love to cook. LOOOVE to cook. Also plan on introducing you to the wonders of certain products apparently not available in Porcheezie. Boullion cubes for instance. (rolls eyes in mock exasperation)

Look, I'm already rambling like a daft cow and we haven't even come close to face to face yet.

There will be so much oiking, and adoooorableness, and calming down, and showering, and remembering to EAT.

K. Am delerious with exhaustion, so am stopping this nonsensical blubbering right now.


José said...

Posso ser homem mas não tenho que ser neandertal!
Sei o que são Jimmy Choos.
Serão os equivalentes a uns Church's ou John Lobb, mas com a esperança de vida de uma mariposa, por comparação com aqueles...
Ainda está para além da minha compreensão a resistência física à dor torturante que uma mulher precisa de ter para andar nessas pontas de estilete...
Embora os meus olhos possam agradecer a melhoria no recorte das pernas e no andar (daquelas que sabem andar com salto alto, o que não serão todas).

Nancy said...

Jose, of course you aren't a Neandertal. And I don't quite understand spending so much for something that hurts your feet so badly either. But they sure are pretty.

Johnny, give Manuela a hug for me. I'm a reader of hers, and shared my story with her, she may not remember me exactly, but I'm sure there are several of us you can give her a hug for...

Be well and have some bodacious fun, y'all!

Lioness said...

Manuela, Udge didn't even comment, why are you talking to him?? And who doesn't know you? You've confused me loads. And I KNOW, I'm so excited as well! I'll ask my colleague to come, if she's here. August is a bad month, most people go away on holiday, we'll see. And I'd forgotten abt your cooking, OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! You must send me a list of things you must eat and drink bcs my fridge usually only has veggies and yoghurt and fruit and sometimes is quite bare actually, and you also drink alcohol so will have father start preparing so let me know, red vs white, beer, etc. !!!!!!! YOU'RE COMING!

jOSÉ, não lhe estava a chamar Neandartal, a maior parte dos homens que conheço não têm memso idea! Anda a ver o Sexo e a Cidade às escondidas?! Eu tb não compreendo, o que explica que ande há 3 anos (TRÊS ANOS!) sem conseguir comprar sapatos, não só são horrendos como têm uns saltos impossivelmente altos, fico doida se usar sapatos com salto muito alto muito tempo. Meh.

Nancy, dude, you're scaring me! Are you using google translator or is that an innate ability of yours?? Blimey! I didn't know you read Manuela as well, you don't comment though do you. How ever did you find her?? I'm sure that if you've spoken she remembers, but I'll be sure to smother her with Portie smooches for you at any rate.

Also, one more P-word out of you and I'll leave you stranded at the bloody airport.

Anonymous said...

"fico doida se usar sapatos com salto muito alto muito tempo"

I was struck with the memory of you in those red, wedge-heeled, impossibly high-heeled mules, limping and then opting for barefoot as we looked and looked for your car after losing it in the Carrefour parking lot. Remember that? Ah, good times.

Re: Manuela's visit. JEALOUS. She gets you, the menagerie, AND decent weather. We'll be there for winter rain. (Pouts.) And anyway, I'd love to be there for the squealing. And the food. Shoes? Meh.

Lioness said...

Oh no, the problem with those were how horribly they were made, wide wedges work for me bcs they support the whole foot and don't remind my neck that we were once broken and torn and let's capitalise the feeling. Those shoes never worked for me from day one, and hopping on them for 2 hours was a podal catastrophe. They went straight to the rubbish bin, if you remember. Alright, donation pile, you know what I mean.

You had me last year in the Summer as well. Granted, in the Summer with exams, but still. And better to have me in Winter than not at all, yes? PLUS, I have yet to meet Minou! I promise I'll squeal when you pick me up, finding myself whole and with somewhat intact audition after stepping off an aeroplane is a good squeal inducer. Plus, I'll be in SF! SQUEEEEAAAL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, good, we don't have to whisper about anymore?

I was referring to the rainy winter over there -- we'll have you here for grey skies and then probably see you again just a few weeks later, when we land in Portugal to visit la famille du Frenchman over the holiday season.

Of course when you land here you'll probably be too jetlagged and confused and pissed off from the long flight to do much squealing at all, but I'll jump up and down for both of us!

Nancy said...

Johnny, I can speak and read Spanish, and can often follow roughly along in a French text (tho I've never taken French lessons--how I learned is a long story)(kinda funny tho)...anyway...

I have a good knowlege of latin rootwords, Spanish/English cognates, and they run somewhat similarly in Portugese, it seems.

Hummmm...should I publish this comment...or leave you to wondering how....?

Lioness said...

Oh then I'll just have to buy a tonne of books - need to surpass my former record - and stay in reading to avoid the rain! I'll jump, am sure. Some.

Nancy, at the risk of disappointing you I did think you might know Spanish, it's very similar written. I think the way we speak would shock you though, we speak nothing like we write, we sound totally different. Poor foreigners!

Feel free to expound on the French stories, you know how I love long comments!

Shoe said...

To explain, I was responding to Udge's comment over on Twitter. He expressed confusion as to what we were blathering on about.

As for ingredients to buy?? We'll do that together! I can hardly wait to check out Portie grocery stores and markets. It's one of my favourite things to do in foreign countries!

CarpeDM said...

Shoe (or Manuela), avoid the fish section. AVOID! They are very smelly. The bacon is pretty cool. And all I have to say is thank goodness the Porties put pictures on the food or Beth and I would not have had any clue what anything was. Well, Johnny was there so I suppose we would have survived.

I am so jealous. I want to go back to Portugal so badly.