27 June 2008

Bloody Internal Medicine

Passed Inspection and Surgery, but the Internal Medicine exam just now nearly did me in. We're supposed to answer 7 questions, then multiple questions, then solve 2 (TWO) clinical cases, with diagnosis plan and treatment plan, in 1h45 and, AGAIN, I didn't have enought time to finish! What the bloody hell? It was horrible, teacher said exam was easy but it really wasn't and I migh have o re-take it in 2 weeks and now my head is truly throbbing with a lovely migraine and I haven't had lunch yet and need to go out again soon bcs someone's coming to the syn to interview us and the Rabbi and his wife are here and it should be joyous and onegshabbat-y but really all I want is to crawl into bed with a book now and sleep, am absolutely exhausted and not feeling social at all but then tough luck bcs not only must I attend I also have more exams [Wednesday, Friday and Monday], so yeah. Blah, and meh, and blech.

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Anonymous said...

Look in your email, though. I sent you some very special furry faces to remind you what it's all about.

JoeinVegas said...

If it was easy everyone would be a vet. But we know you can do it.

Diana said...

Shit. I sent an email before reading your post. So it really sucked. Why, oh why must they say an exam was easy. Of course it was easy for them, they wrote the damn thing, so clearly should know the answers, yes?

Piss on the lot of them.

And to have to be social on top of all that?

Wishing you, too, were home in bed with a good book and the furry ones.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the follow-up via Piffle comments. Best of luck on your exams and Vet school. Would love to come to Portugal and tour around with you as a guide.

Reid--The Ole RF-er.

PS: Email Piffle-person for my email if you wish.

CarpeDM said...

OH! The old RF-er left a comment! That's so cool.

I bleched something today as well.

Thinking of you lots!

Anonymous said...

"anything remotely refrigerator-y" makes me think of...well.. you know, the plaforous manner in which the -y adjectives debuted. Er...

Just looked at your plane reservation today and it made me happy. Again. And we have now have our tickets on hold, too, arriving OPO Dec. 18. Since you won't be a student anymore, how about schlepping up to greet our plane? You could even meet the sogra and be called Maria João! Wouldn't that be lovely? My mom might come for part of the time, too.