15 April 2008

This little piggy

I've just come back from the market class and all I can say is, I would never ever work in the Public Health field. Being the municipal vet in charge of a market is exhausting! By the end of it we were all dragging our feet and absolutely starved, eyeing the fresh fish and produce longingly. When we left the vet was immersed in Rubbish Legislation - blood and gore, I'll choose blood and gore over that every time.

Remember the fridge whose circuitry I was supposed to learn for the Technology exam? I thought nothing could top that but I was wrong. WRONG! Guess which service provider also falls under the responsibility of veterinary Public Health inspectors. Go on, try. It's a good one, I promise. Answer later.

PS - People, not one of you noticed the reference to a fabulous series within this post. Shame on you! Why do I even bother planting little pearls? Infidels.

14 furballs:

Diana said...

Worse than fridge circuitry? What? Now you're to know...um....nope. Sorry. I can't come up with a thing to top the fridge. And, sorry, pretty pearls are at present lost on me. Give me a few weeks and I'll be more responsive. Perhaps.

Anonymous said...

i've noticed the pearl! to add additional spice i'll reveal that i first watched it on Polish telly. i'm still impressed with how well it was translated. though, admittedly, the humour ended up being a bit more esoteric;)
ps. have i ever told you, dear Lioness, that your posts make my days sunny (The Netherlands can give Ireland run for their money when it comes to weather

Lioness said...

Diana, all things considered it's a small miracle you can still read, fret not!

K, that is so... sweet. Absolutely sweet. Made my post-nap headachey self all sunny inside as well. And good one on the reference, at last! But would it have killed you to try and guess??


CarpeDM said...

I haven't read it yet. Sorry. I'll read it now.

And I am so confused. Do you have to learn how to work with woks? What? Confused!

CarpeDM said...

Okay. You referenced 'Allo, 'Allo which I loved but only remember vaguely. You also referenced the beloved Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe and the Gods Must Be Crazy.

All three of these are awesome. Am I still an infidel?

And, in answer to your question, Meat Loaf is as attractive to Rowan Atkinson but in a different way. Just like Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are both yummy as well. Let's face it, dear J, I just love men.

Lioness said...

Oooh, Dana, getting closer! But still an infidel, I'm afraid. Not one of those, no, it's subtler than that.

And OMG, if you ever mention Rowan Atkinson and CAPTAIN MAL in the same sentence I might have to hurt you!

Dexter Colt said...


What?! You must know that, sometimes, I need to be hit over the head before I can grasp a subtle point.

But, I will hazard a guess and say that restaurants fall under veterinary PHI responsibility?

Forgive me. I am out of my mind today.

[will respond to e-mail tomorrow] [bad day today] [need to dust myself off]

Lioness said...

Restaurants used to as well but no, there's now have a brand new organisation for that. It's revolutionising the whole country! So that was actually a very good one, and thanks for playing, it was sweet of you to bother (EVEN IF UNDER DURESS!). It was hair salons.

[Hey, have replied to this on your blog. No worries.]

José said...

Cabeleireiros?! Percebi bem??
Cabeleireiros?! Como assim???

JoeInVegas said...

Oh, such long writing and so many posts. School must be good to you now. Have to come by more often, thanks. (and no, I didn't get it either)

Ana said...

What? Hair salons? Why?

Udge said...

Why do I even bother planting little pearls?

So that they will grow up into oysters. Obviously.

La V. said...

Where are you, pearl-planter?

CarpeDM said...

Sorry you are sick. Technically I did not mention them in the same sentence. It was the same paragraph. So there.