09 April 2008

Oh no.

Twenty past one. Work, little pill, work! WORK!


Classes tomorrow from 9 till 8. Must attend, simply must. Actually considering not sleeping at all to ensure I don't oversleep.

Certainly what I call being fully parthenogenesised.

Tea, anyone? I have this lovely Dr. Stuart's Rooibos one that I bought in London, mmhmm...

PS - It's 4.13 and yes, am still here. God.

PPS - 5.40. Yes, dahlings, a definite all-nighter. Am in SL bored out of my pretty little skull watching some dudes killing each other repeatedly. God.

PPPS - Half six. Yup. God.

PPPS - Half seven, time to get ready. I could sleep now, of course. What a fucking long day this will be. If this not having slept at all doesn't make me fall asleep tonight I swear I'll go out, attack the first poor, unsuspecting creature I find and demand that famed post-coital slumber. God.

13 furballs:

José said...

Aulas das 9 às 20? Sem dormir?
Xiiiiiii.... boa sorte...
Não sou um português de jeito no que toca a café, mas adoro chá.
Vou todos anos a Londres e aproveito para me abastecer de chás, daqueles que é difícil encontrar cá, e não conheço esse Dr. Stuart's Rooibos.
É mesmo chá ou infusão de qualquer outra coisa?

Viscondantropologuessa said...

[Warning: nothing to do with the above post] Castl...br...pregn... omg I must see the pictures, I must! Where can I find them?

[Then again... could that be what's keeping you up tonight? The hysterics? It'd be enough to keep me up, that image. How excellent.]

Chimmy's Ghost said...

I don't know whether you're talking about birth control or sleeping pills.

I hope, at this hour, you're actually catching a few moments of sleep. Because, by my calculations it is 8:15 am in Portie-land.

Lioness said...

Chimmy, I'm 5h ahead of you, not 7. It's half 6. I'm biding my time till 8 and then will leave for classes. Joy.

And, birth control. Obviously.

Udge said...

oy, oy, oy. I'm sorry to hear it.

Dexter Colt said...

Obviously?! I can't even calculate the time zone difference?! I need help.

Must you really ask? said...

Please tell us that you didn't have any classes today that involved practicing lifesaving measures on little furry ones. Because that would be way too much like sleepless rotations for medical residents, and after requiring you to learn the wiring of a refrigerator they can't possibly also expect such superhuman, doctor-like feats as operating on little creatures with no sleep. So please tell us it was just lectures and boring boring labs that you could charm your way through.

You mentioned being "fully parthenogenesised." The only parthogenesis I'm familiar with is the kind where Athena springs fully formed from Zeus' forehead. Oh, that and the Virgin Mary. What, pray tell, are you giving birth to sexlessly? And what does this have to do with sleep aids? I'm SO CONFUSED!

[Apologies to all other readers, this will be fully off-topic, but Johnny knows of what I speak] When will you share a pic of the little she-man throwing his hands in the air, saying "Ooooooooo!," cracking that hideously tight-skinned smile, and showing off his pregnant belly (surely inseminated by his elderly wife, whatshername)????? It seems so bloggable, though I imagine there's too much background info needed for it to make any sense at all. I still think it's what fried your sleeping abilities tonight.

Come over here, I'll make you that pot roast with potatoes and esparregado. It will make you so full that you will surely, surely sleep like a log. You're welcome anytime.

José said...

:( Deve estar a ser mesmo um dia muito loooongo.
O (mal afamado) sono pós-coital (com o acordo ortográfico o hífen mantém-se ou não?) não é uma crítica exclusivamente feminina oas seus parceiros masculinos? Também tem efeitos nas senhoras, ups, perdão! nas meninas?

Lioness said...

José, é mesmo chá. E como pode ver sou a última pessoa do mundo a poder pronunciar-se sobre o slumberzinho seja em que forma for. Foi um dia horrendamente longo, sim. E nem me fale no acordo - "Egito"!

V., I googled it for you but can't find it anywhere. Will try and find out the name of the show and you can youtube yourself till kingdom come. Me too! "Parthenogesised" - ach, will explain when I ring you, easier over the phone. And look, we never touch any animal that is in real danger unless we have a night shift and even then there's an intern with us. Furries are all safe, it was all labs and lectures, I even nodded off for a few seconds a few times and managed to go straight into REM. While watching films abt how to properly slaughter thousands of cattle in case of exotic disease outbreak. God. Wish I could hop over, North-America, where second-hand English books go to die. And being cooked for! *bliss*

Udge, I'm very sorry to be living it too. :)

Chimmy, wha...? Obviously NOT. Why would I be addressing one birth control pill? By the time you usually get into bed I am being forced to leave mine, exactly so - like mirroring ships in the night, toot-toot. *foghorn*

[Calling you Dexter was hard enough but then you went back to Chimmy and all was righted and now you're Dexter again! Make up your mind, it's like talking to a shape-shifter! You're doing me in.]

Udge said...

Thursday 4:06 a.m.

Apparently it's my turn now. Is insomnia contagious? Hope you are sleeping.

Lioness said...

Udge, I'm viral. I slept but only 6 h after being up for 39. WTF?

Dexter Colt said...

I am now convinced that Lioness CAUSES insomnia.

Lioness said...

That is my super-hero power, yes: Her eyes light upon you, melatonin becomes yet another dirty word. Elegant like.