04 April 2008

Demonic Eyes Omnibus

Hi! Again! Yes, took the Stilnox! At 22.00! In bed! No, doesn't seem to be doing much for me! Am not even drugged! Am evolving as we speak, very soon I'll be talking in prime numbers!

I thought I had accidentally deleted some pictures from Flickr. Well... Truthfully, I thought I had accidentally deleted a lot of pictures from Flickr. Had a bit of a panic there, not all could have been replaced but, and how it hurts to type bcs it is somehow so very typical, a few hours ago I realised I'd simply forgotten to renew my Pro membership and they're all back. Plim! Hi, my name is Johnny and I find life hard! Not sleeping is boring, did you know? I try to entertain myself as best I can but there's only so much I can do by myself and this is why I, much like Paddington, so very easily turn my trying to do things by myself to ending up doing things to myself bcs, in my glee over having the pictures with my pregnant friend back and still smarting from having been told a while ago, frown-uponingly, that I never smile in pictures [*Pandora stirs*] I decided to combine both and prove to the world that UNFAIR!, occasionally I forget myself and do it, I was going to plaster my smile all over everyone's face, but upon cropping the picture there was the usual problem of my very red eyes so I used the Red Eye tool that has yet to work for me and anyway it has been abundantly proven that I should leave photographs alone bcs it's hopeless and I hope you watch Supernatural bcs I do, fell in love with what'shisname's smart use of his mouth (the older brother, from Dark Angel) and you'll need to have seen what happens to the demons' eyes when they are being demonish to understand why this is worrisome bcs look, just look:

Birgits Bauch - Supernatural Up Close

It's all pupils! And I look like I clobbered my friend unconscious and am now dragging her to my lair for a late night snack, sporting the latest in gypsy hairdos. AND I GIVE UP.

4 furballs:

Chimmy's Ghost said...

"And I look like I clobbered my friend unconscious and am now dragging her to my lair for a late night snack, sporting the latest in gypsy hairdos."

hahaha. Yeah. she does look like you're dragging her to the freezer.

And, you're smiling?! All this time I thought you were the dark, brooding type. I might have to rethink my opinion now.


Lioness said...


I actually smile a lot, you git! After I posted I found a few other pictures where I am smiling, SO THERE. *kick*

You must be thinking of Angel.

CarpeDM said...

I did that too! So annoyed but happy to realize they were still there. Sheese.

God, you're lovely. I hate you. Don't eat your friend.

Lioness said...

Oh Dana, sweet Dana... That was a decade ago, a whole bloody decade ago, and it shows. I could use some baby fat remnants on my hollow cheeks.

Don't eat your friend. Am still giggling over this.