30 March 2008

All hail the internet!

I was talking to Udge a while ago [i.e., I was rambling and he was laughing humouringly and saying Indeed] [Happens a lot] abt the wonders of the internet.

I have this fabulous phone package that allows me to ring North America and the EU for free and BY GOD I USE IT. I go through these cyclical, er, cycles of bursting with gratitude about having started a blog without really knowing what a blog was and lo, people arrived, nay, bursted into my life in all sorts of splendid ways and made it so much better and richer and worthier. I first met Dana and Beth who came to visit very soon after that and had a brilliant time, of course, bcs Lisbon is lovely in Spring and Portugal is too actually, what with the pretty flowers everywhere and us inordinately hospitable folk, and they will regale you with tales of world domination and chapels built with bones and people - the natives - eating fish eggs, FISH EGGS, crikey!, [NOTE: and this is where I would add Dany (and E. and their children), whom I somehow forgot to mention, I knew I'd forget someone, but also met through my blog aeons ago and have met in person a couple of times were it not for the fact that Dany is clearly the spawn of Satan and we are no longer on speaking terms, SO THERE.], and Udge has visited as well since he happened to be in Northern Spain and after Canada everything seems so close right?, so he just popped round for a few days, how very blasé of us, and I regularly chat to Diana and Kath on the phone and will be attending Manuela's wedding in November, Manuela whom I've actually also never met but who decided to use her air miles to fly me over bcs what with vet school having turned me into a pauper I wouldn't be able to afford the flight and she simply had to have me there bcs getting married without me wouldn't be the same thing, she says, and then V. decided that since I was going to be on the very coast she inhabits she too would use her air miles to fly me from Vancouver to San Francisco and I didn't meet her through the blog but it all ties in somehow bcs that's actually how we often kept in touch after Uzi died during all those times when I couldn't speak, all I could do was write but I knew she was reading so I was never alone, and I knew she would be there when I found my spoken words again and honestly, people think I am so tough all the time but I'm not, I am moved very easily, I cry very easily [over commercials even but let's never mention this again] and this is so generous of them, and blogging is such a wonderful thing, that I could cry right now.

*Has a good, grateful cry*

*Has a good, restorative cuppa*

[By the way, I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely bizarre it is for people with whom I speak on the phone and exchange emails, my mates, to refer to me as Lioness instead of Johnny, be it in comments or in their own posts and it's not related to the subject matter at all but that doesn't make it any less true.]

And all this to say that I talked to Lord Chimmy last night (and I'm not linking to anyone bcs I can't be bothered right now but I wouldn't link to him anyway bcs the embellishments he so expertely drew on his display picture turned it into one of the most frightening things I have ever been forced to contemplate), Chimmy who isn't Chimmy anymore but I haven't been able to wrap my head around Dexter Colt yet, Chimmy whom I've been reading for close to 4 years I think, even though at first he, possibly the analest person currently breathing in North America, had a blog with a black background and tiny, TINY, purple font and I always felt like I was one letter away from an epileptic fit and a migraine, Chimmy who apparently has a perky arse and thereby aggravates me instantly bcs, honestly, you don't brag abt your bum of steel to females who happen to have an entirely different sort of bum, FIRST RULE OF INTER-GENDER BONDING DUDE!, but he salvaged it by praising my cheekbones bcs he's smooth like that (even though he refuses to make me proud - oh Chimmy, just do it!), Chimmy who is a fellow photogeny-sufferer but has a really pretty smile, Chimmy who has the coolest real names you could possibly imagine, Chimmy who sent me an absolutely lovely email abt grief during one of the darkest Uzi periods, that I still have.

And so we were both home on a Saturday evening (first my evening and then his, what with time zones and all) and neither of us can be bothered to actually go clubbing or some such thing on a Saturday - or any day for that matter - so we stayed in and chatted and I was again reminded of how lucky we are to live in these times, I still believe that you can get to know someone really well from their blogs but there's always a chance that you might end up not having a lot to say to each other but I didn't think so and I was right, as I'd predicted we readily depressed each other discussing the state of the world and we chatted for over 5 hours - FIVE HOURS - and I think we could have easily chatted for longer had it not been for the fact that by then it was 4 am in Lisbon, where one of us lives, the one of us who lately has been known to crawl into bed at 22.00, and it was so much fun even though he at first said I sounded vaguely Russian, RUSSIAN!, honestly, it's a small miracle I didn't reach through the chord and shoved the phone down his blasphemous mouth - and I still remember the first time I talked to someone I didn't know over MSN, someone in Australia of all places, that made it somehow even more exotic, and at first we couldn't even speak bcs we were laughing so much, just jubilant laughter that we were born in a time when people didn't even own computers or mobiles or what have you and all of a sudden you're privileged enough that the whole world is at your doorstep, and this laughter somehow always happens, pure joy all of a sudden, there they are, no really, they feel so close you can almost touch them and even though you cannot it touches you, this closeness of strangers whom you've never met but have long ceased to be so.

Chimmy, the new display picture is in your honour, tnx for reminding me of it. [NOTE: oh all right, the other one then, where I look like faerie spawn.] Cheers!

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QuietusLeo said...

Remember the olden days when there were no cell phones and if you needed to speak to someone "urgently" you waited until the evening when they were at home?

Lioness said...

I do!

It was excruciating.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post, Lioness.

José said...

É bom vê-la de pazes feitas com a vida.
Efeitos da Primavera?

Dexter Colt said...

In my defense, I only mentioned my arse of steel as a joke. It is hardly the consistency of steel. Very soft to the touch indeed.

To all those reading, let it be known that Johnny is very easy to chat up. I did mention that she had a vague Russian accent, but I said it was much softer than straight Russian. She doesn't have a hard accent at all (and her English is very British). I still think she wanted to choke me. Good thing I had the Atlantic between us...

How I've tortured this woman over the years! I did use that ridiculously tiny font and black background for the longest time. Why she continued to read is a testament to her patience. And, I'll probably continue to test her patience (I'm not removing that picture anytime soon).

I feel fortunate for having crossed paths with you...and your cursed [accurate] antennae. I never would've imagined that blogging would lead to international connections.

I look forward to talking to you again.


Lioness said...

K, it's true. It's been like a gift.

José, o calor, as flores e os peçarinhos tornam tudo melhor!

Chimmy, it's not a testament to my patience but to your style, it was worth the headache. Yes please, keep the picture, I wouldn't want to remember you any other way. Most fetching. And I warned you abt the antennae didn't I, WARNED YOU! Think abt the guest thingy.

HEY!! Easy to chat up??

Udge said...

oh, indeed she is :-)

(ducks and runs)

D said...

I can confirm J. is easy to chat up. In fact, it's almost impossible not to chat her up. She in turn seems incapable of not getting chat up.
By which I don't mean to say just anyone can chat her up!

Portugal is nice most of the time. I haven't been there in winter, and I guess it depends a lot where you are (Portugal being HUGE compared to Holland), but I cannot imagine it not being a great place always. Certainly compared to this drab sh*thole called the Netherlands.

So I'm having my next vacation there. Again. All of July my family and I will be either at my parents place, or traveling around a bit.

As to the Russian accent, I once horribly offended a Portugese friend (F) of mine by saying she sounded like a drunken Russian. What I meant to say was that ALL Portugese do, it wasn't just her. I truly believed she'd feel better after I cleared that up... There's just no pleasing some people...

Lioness said...

Udge, oh shut up. *KICK*

Dany, drunken Russians?? We all do it? FOR SHAME! Come Summer I shall ignore you and speak to E. alone. You never even sent your CV anyway - LIAR!!!

Lioness said...

I left you a friendly note within the text, Dany. YOU'RE WELCOME - dahling.

JoeInVegas said...

I guess I've got a different version of Chat Up. Udge seems to have an easy time of chatting with you (at least he says so), and this is a discussion of the phone, so what am I missing? (yes, I know, but . . . )
Oh well, I'll live throught the comments.

Lioness said...

Joe, the way I learnt English being easily chatted up means being easily seduced. Dexter Colt obviously meant I'm easy to chat with but I thought it was hilarious anyway.

Easy sense of humour, I suppose. Oh well.