06 February 2008

Mittel and other locations

The past weeks have seen blurry days and frightful nights, I had the Mittleschmerz from the depths of hell, nonstop lower back pain for a fortnight, a whole bloody fortnight, of the sort that woke me up several times a night bcs I couldn't ever find a comfortable sleeping position where my lower back didn't feel like it was being chewed and clawed. It very much felt like the early middle stages of my miscarriage which, I reckon, is further proof that my uterus does its thing consistently from the back, as it were. Where it's most painful. *jubilation* I knew it couldn't possibly be a miscarriage so that was all right, were I to be pregnant right now it could only be the Messiah and I am certain the Powers That Be would choose a far less cursing vessel and also one that doesn't chomp at the bit upon encountering a ma'alit shabbat. And I also had cramps this time, me! Hadn't had those in ages, can't remember the last time I've had to medicate for exsanguination. Am soon expecting an ovulation so powerful I'll be followed home by all sorts of men intent upon sniffing my right iliac bone, in the vicinity of which my most chattery ovary can often be felt, on memorable occasions even slightly seen as it tries to poke its way out. I haven't felt sharp in the mind in quite a while and waking up has been a process that takes about 2 hours, even with the blissful aid of Nescafé's cappuccino. [Yes, Diana, sorry abt that, again.]

Yesterday I studied all day mostly and then my body decided to take a short nap at 18.00 bcs by then the habitual space not connecting my hemispheres had become a vast chasm. I woke up fully disorientated and then realised it was past 1.00 and I had slept a full 7 hours, which surprised her tremendously. I hunched to my laptop (falling asleep while reclining on 3 pillows will do things to your muscles that mock bipedalism) and sent V. an aggravated email - my subconcious took the chance to dream a variety of dismally inane things that needed to be purged across the ether - and I was left with the decision of what to do next, bcs I assumed that I would be up for good, even though in this context good might be an exaggeration, what can you possibly accomplish while hunchy, dense as bricks and barely homoeothermic? It soon became obvious I would be good for nothing for quite a while, so I stumbled back to bed, having decided to read till something - anything - changed and surprised myself by falling asleep easily and waking up shortly after 9.00.

All in all I slept over 13 hours and woke up feeling BAR (wildlife rehab lingo for Bright, Alert and Responsive). Do you know the last time that happened? I cannot even remember, and that is why I am wasting time blogging about it instead of pouncing on the books for some needed memorisation of all the things that can go wrong with your pets' respiratory tract. (A lot, by the way.) (But they're all terribly interesting, if it helps.) (Honestly.)

Gosh, I'm awake and in full possession of my faculties, I think this begs a drink! What's your pleasure?

7 furballs:

Diana said...


Nescafe cappucino.


Shall now go have myself another decent cappucino made with real ingredients and not scary dehydrated scat, and leave you with psitticosis and the like.

Yodalehihoo said...

I'll have some tea, thanks.

Hooray for sleep, even when it produces very, very weird dreams. Last night's -- sheesh!

La V.

JoeinVegas said...

Gin and tonic with a slice of lime. If not, then how about a caramel macciato?

Lioness said...

Diana, well, you are welcome to come round and provide me with the real beverage. NO, I DIDN'T THINK SO. Oh and it's not abt infeccious/contagious diseases, it goes like this: RESPIRATORY - nasal stenosis (Sx, Dx, Px, Tx et al), nasal polyps, tracheitis, tracheal collapse, etc. Repeat for Digestive Tract. See? It's my favourite subject this year (I liked 2 so you can imagine the dearth) but woot, the teacher's evaluation methods are a tad lacking, I didn't take the exam in January (will write it this Monday, argh!) but over half of the class failed with abysmal grades at that. It is, of course, entirely our fault.

V., yes indeed. I have more to say on the subject but sadly need to pass this exam or September will be exam season again so - wait patiently. (I said "patiently", did you notice? Yes, am evil!) Are Wild berries your cup of tea? (ha, look at what i just did!)

Joe, here you go. Good thing I learnt that gin mostly goes with tonic, my poor friends used to be given straight gin bcs really, the taste of tonic water is just vile so I kept forgetting to buy it. I don't even know what a macciato is, will google now, sec... All right, I see, a macchiato is a regular espresso with "touch of delicious frothy foam". Well then, HERE you go, much healthier at noon than an alcoholic drink, especially if you're at work. Don't forget to wipe the foamy moustache afterwards, propriety in the workplace is a must.

Savtadotty said...

I'll have half-and-half: freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with freshly pulverized carrot juice. Somebody has to drive!

Udge said...

Chai tea latte, please. To stay. No cookie, thanks.

Sleep is a good thing, don't fight it.

And FWIW I am sure that any God who would go to the bother of existing, would have much better things to do than to monitor our petty transgressions. I like the way Terry Pratchett put it in "Thud" (quoting from memory in the office, feel free to correct me):

"Tak does not require that we think of him, just that we think."

Shabbat shalom, my dear.

Lioness said...

S., carrots are lovely things, truly they are, in almost any form. Liquidified carrot, especially when mixed with the perfection that is freshly squeezed orange juice, deserves a lightning bolt. Oh the heresy!

Udge, am not even going to google that. Funny spoilt Anglos! And I fully-heartedly agree on God, *NODS VIGOUROUSLY*. Haven't read "Thud" though, sorry. *ducks* You know how it is in Portieland...