19 February 2008

I need Rabies - DONE!

I do, literally.

Infectious Diseases lab exam today, three possible teachers, I need to pick the little ball that goes with Rabies, I just do. If I am assigned 2 of those teachers I'll cry, not to mention most likely fail.

In the next 3 days I will have 4 exams. The plumbers came yesterday and really enjoyed the pets but are otherwise puzzled as to the origin of the leak. I say, hot water pipe. They'll be back today to tear down the wall and the timing is simply perfect.

Why am I up at 5.55, you ask? Bcs a very humungous, very frightening storm woke me up at 4.30 yesterday and the dog looked abt to seize and needed diazepam and the cats were trembling and I wasn't in such good shape either, God but I loathe storms, who the bloody hell can sleep though them, and after that I couldn't sleep anymore (I rang Manuela instead and babbled hysterically) and therefore I went to bed at 21.00 last night.

I went to bed at 21.00 last night. Go on, Anglos, you can laugh at me, I deserve it.

Please pray for Rabies, it is a worthy cause.

PASSED! Not rabies though, ringworm - also fun so the moment I knew I relaxed. Now, does it make sense to ask the student "Why is ringworm so important today?" if what you want is for the student to tell you it's a zoonosis? I was baffled and asked him "... As opposed to years ago?" and he said "No" and
I thought "The bloody hell...?" and said "So it's not a temporal matter really" and he said "Right" and the reason it's important is pets can infect humans, especially children and the elderly, so that's what I said and lo, that was what he wanted but WAS THAT TODAY REALLY NECESSARY, PROFESSOR?

Also, the pipes? Want to know what was wrong? It's a good one, I promise, straight from The Armpit. So, the workers first uncovered the hot water pipes, all was fine. Then they uncovered the cold water pipes, all was fine. Then they had to check the sewage system and that required breaking the cupboards and sink away from the wall so they could actually have a look, and even after that all was fine. And then, says my mum, she fidgeted inwardly while they looked at it for 45 minutes, one with folded arms against the fridge, the other sitting on his heels Indian-style, they looked the sewage junction sternly in the groin and dialogued "Am puzzled", "Me too", "Everything's dry", "Yeah", "Wonder where that could be coming from", "Me too", "It's a right mystery", "That it is" until she could bear it no longer and politely suggested they let the water run, and they replied they had, and she replied perhaps this time they could actually leave it running for longer than 5 seconds, and they grudgingly humoured her and THEN the leak became visible right away and the older one proudly informed me a while ago that had he not decided to let the water run, why, it'd never have been found! AND I AM STILL FROTHING OVER WHAT CAUSED IT SO CAPS LOCK IS SHOUTING, NOT EMPHASIS NOW, the idiots who first built this building must have ran out of the proper rubber rings that are placed inside the pipes to seal them AND PREVENT LEAKS and decided to use whatever they had, which in my fortunate case was the wrong shape, and when it was new it was still alright but with age it fit rather poorly and therefore I will pay a bloody fortune bcs someone along the line decided that a shortcut was perfectly fine, no one can see inside the walls anyway, THE BLEEDING GITS!

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She lives in paradise, she does said...

Am I an Anglo? (Or should I say Angla?) Because I'm not sure why I should be laughing at you. I'm feeling quite sympathetic. AND I'm 100% praying for rabies for you. Now, will you pray for a stroke of genius and/or logorrhea for me tomorrow? Because I have to write 10 pp before meeting with my advisor at 2PM, and chances are it just ain't gonna happen.

I'm so sorry to hear about the plumbers tearing out the wall, does this mean the cabinets as well? Or just (just - ha!) the tile below the boiler? What a mess.

Heard about the storms from Gra├ža C. -- sounds like you all had quite a doozy. Here it's sunny, lots of chirpy happy birds, and the daffodils on my porch are blooming...

Lioness said...

I meant the time, the country was barely done eating dinner. Oh, and could you copy-paste the same paragraph a thousand times? That'd fill it up fast. Eek. Yesterday was fun, the whole city was flooded, sirens back and forth all day.

I don't know what they'll have to destroy, am praying for barely anything...

Udge said...

Not laughing at all. Which part of "If you're tired, go to bed" is hard to understand?

Good luck with the rabid plumbers.

(validation word "lofplon". Lovely)

Lioness said...

You know what I mean, it's so unnatural.

Nary a paargraph in sight so far said...

PARABENS (for the exam passing) -- and for at last knowing where the mystery puddle was coming from. See, sometimes mother-knows-best moms really do know best. Too bad it had to involve a dismantled kitchen, though. Please tell me you'll be sure to eat anyway.

Sounds like my apt in Porto -- did I ever tell you about the time the downstairs neighbor came up to tell us that it was raining through his bathroom ceiling when I took a shower? Seems the same contractor built that building and yours.

Nancy said...

Hooray for your Mom! And HOORAY for you passing!

Oh and while I'm at it, HOORAY for you coming to North America!

Please plan on giving Manuela a hug from me.

CarpeDM said...

I know I'm bad at military time but isn't 21:00 9 PM? What's wrong with going to bed then? There have been nights when I go to bed at 7 PM.

And GRR! Stupid plumbers! And yay, you passed!