11 February 2008

Fridge, that's Dr. Johnny to you.

News, news, I've got terribly exciting news!

Fridge vs Vet School

Passed the bloody fridge exam. I still don't know how a fridge works and it is now a matter of honour to not ever find out [WHAT.THE.FUCK] but I officially rule over all domestic appliances. I'll be such a brilliant vet now!

Vet School vs Feline Mental Health - 1
I have passed all exams so far. Go on, re-read that sentence carefully while knocking on wood and spitting on the closest human bcs I still have 4 to go [lizzard-lizzard, as we say]. EVERY SINGLE ONE! It's like some alien life form took control of my body and mind. Could I describe to you the joys derived from knowing I will never have to memorise intricate toxins again, or visit a large animal abattoir, or READ ABT BLOODY FRIDGES? I couldn't, not really, but picture me running screaming down the street again and that will be very fitting.

Vet School vs Feline Mental Health - 2
That being said, I still have one semester ahead of me [ONLY ONE!] so you can also picture me visiting rabbit and poultry abattoirs [have been told they're even worse] AND this time around learning how to make cheese for Technology. How could I ever be a propper Exotic/Small Animal vet without this? Why, I'd feel very inadequate. Cheese, dudes! I hope it's Brie. Also, my flat has suddenly sprouted a lack of hot water, along with the burst pipe somewhere within the wall and an oversupply of cold water seeping out from under the built-into-the-walls cupboards. Love it! No connection to vet school other than am so knackered and relieved right now I don't even care, not only will there be more of me around but the impromptu jacuzzi has instantaneously made my property more valuable.

Vet School vs Feline Mental Health - 3
The reason I'm so knackered is, I just wrote a humungous exam and this is all Internal Medicine and therefore loads of fun but you have to memorise dosages and drugs and many of them I'd never heard of bfr and we have close to no clinical experience so giving us case studies to solve would be very funny were it not for the fact that our grade depends on it. We had been warned by our colleagues that there's not enough time to do everything and that was literally true, as I left I saw one of the teachers pulling an exam from a student, or at least trying to bcs my colleague was holding on to it for dear life and whining Just one more sentence, I just need one more sentence! Wonder who won. I am also tired bcs on of my Dr friends spent the weekend chez Pride and wow, learning abt Internal Medicine with her is an astonishing thing, I loved it and she made me think and contextualised every little thing so it made sense bcs our syllabus is a tad incomplete and it would be a marvellous thing to be able to study using our bible but 250 Euros is demented and no, not yet, but it was also unbelievably draining, like a concentrated workshop so all in all I think I've slept abt 14 hours in 3 days and it is showing everywhere.

Feline Mental Health vs You
You lot are fabulous, I hope you know that. It helped tremendously to have your advice and read your comments, I found out a bit more abt how I felt while reading them. I'd read and nod, or shake my head and think No, wouldn't work or No, not quite that. I now know what I want to do.

I think, at the core, there was the very real problem of my having something I may need to blog abt and feeling like I couldn't, and the reason now is purely my finding the subject utterly dirtified. It has nothing whatsoever to do with loyalty bcs I don't own the Defunct anything. In fact, he should count himself lucky I never took my knee to his groin upon finding out. I realised that part of what has been holding me back is that I find it all so very distasteful blogging abt is would expose the person who did it. But it is not my responsibility to protect him from what he did even if remotely, it is my responsibility to protect me, to come to terms with it all as best and fast I can, what, he behaves like a little shit and I need to take his feelings into account? Bloody hell no. NO. Whatever I write I write for me, my blog isn't read by his friends, he himself proclaimed none of his actions were wrong (no moral code regarding it, as I remember being told by him) so if I write abt the facts, the actual facts, and people end up judging him for them how is that my concern? He chose to do it and I am still digesting the consequences of it and one thing I will most certainly no longer worry abt is the fact that he may come out of it looking very bad. What am I, mental? People who don't want to look bad should act good, as simple as that. Enough witht the madness.

I had already done the whole Is this a bad thing bcs if happened to me or is this something that is intrinsically bad? I think there is a big difference and honestly, I would be disgusted by it no matter whom it happened to. I was simply unlucky enough to be the recipient. I ran the whole thing by Udge, whom I could count on for an objective enough opinion (i.e. he may be fond of me but his analytical personality allows him to compute in all factors and reach a close-to-unbiased opinion) and well, let's say he wasn't very entertained. So I think it is fair to say that yes, I am still ruminating but once the brewing is done, soon I think from the looks of the mental cauldron, I will blog abt it and anyone who is shocked by it can shoot up some prednisolone, go read this post and humanise me a bit while they're at it, I am pissy, PISSY, I TELL YOU and it's abt time it all comes out, I'm tired of unworthy lumber, it's time for a proper debridement so yeah.


12 furballs:

Udge said...

Unknown token: fond. <beep> Syntax error. <beep> Does not compute.

Udge said...

Seriously, though: manifold hoorays in all directions! Keep it up and you will be free very soon.

José said...

O currículo dos curso superiores em Portugal sempre me deixa boquiaberto com algumas pérolas. Para que diabo necessita um veterinário de saber como é o funcionamento interior de um frigorifico?!
Mas parabéns! Já falta pouco!
Quanto ao resto... Ok, then.
Provavelmente algumas dos movimentos de cabeça foram devidos ao meu comentário, bem menos simpático do que os outros.
Mas nunca tive jeito - também já não tenho idade - para lisonjas (não estou a caracterizar desta forma os outros comentários, bem entendido) e sempre achei que, in the end, honesty pays.

Lioness said...

Udge, "freedom", such a funny notion! Four more exams and one semester left only, woot!

José, se descobrir avise que estou curiosíssima! Não fiquei desgostada com parte nenhuma do seu comentário, até gostei de o ler e ajudou-me a perceber que os meus pruridos têm mais a ver com o que aconteceu em si do que com o facto de poder vir a falar sobre isso. Da minha perspectiva não é uma inconfidência. Foi uma coisa que aconteceu às escondidas, seguramente, mas não é nada que me sinta obrigada a salvaguardar. Percebo que possa horrorizar algumas pessoas mas já não me causa problemas éticos nenhuns, e para mim foi bom ter arrumado isso.

orodemniades said...

One more semester? Woohoo!!

Who else? said...

1. Blog away.

2. Re fridge exam: PARABENS!!!!!!! Your prize for this great feat is.... ding ding ding ding ding! ONE VISIT TICKET TO THE FAR SHORE. And you best be cashing in.

Me again said...

Duh, that was either PLANE TICKET or VISIT, not VISIT TICKET. Sometimes English fails me. It's the Frenchman's fault, really. (Btw, he really wants you to come, too, and asks every few days whether you've said when yet.)

Chimmy's Ghost said...

Cheese. Every good vet knows how to make cheese.

Nancy said...

Congratulations Lioness!

Roar on, my dear.

Uhmm does this mean you'll be in a cheesy class soon?

brooksba said...

So, I'm coming out of lurkingville since I feel like tonight. Lovely news about the exams Love. Awesome! I'm super duper extra super proud of you. (And seemingly on crack.)

And you may want to hurt me, but I want to comment about your previous post. I wanted to read it, and I did read a lot of it (please do write, it helps you purge and even if you don't publish, write). Could you please not make it small font? It hurts my eyes. I know that is dumb and I could make my font bigger on my computer, but that's why I have trouble reading it. It's not the words, it's the size of the font. Yes, I'm petty.

One of the things that I do love about reading your writing is that you don't hold back. Let it loose. That's what makes you the Lioness. It's raw, it's powerful, and it makes me feel. Reading your words can make me feel happy, sad, longful, angry (for you, not at you), protective, defiant, strong-willed, and many, many more. So, write it.

neko said...

Brilliant! Really Kudos to you, it's almost over.

CarpeDM said...

Good for you! And I like cheese. Cheese is fun. But I'm not sure why vets need to make it.