28 February 2008


Wind Tunnel (flight rehab - Vulture and Gryphs in pic)

Little bugger was trying to have a go at my eyes*, not amused at all. MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE ALLOWED YOUR WING TO BECOME NECROTIC THEN!

Am surprisingly good at this, hit the target's fleshy thigh almost every single time, wrist and all. Lioness, the fox whisperer, ah... *zen* *cymbals* If they stay put in the wild as well I'll be the best anaesthesiologist ever.

After having only handled Uzi's army gun [what are they btw? Compact, flatish, squareish - M16's?] this one felt very big and heavy and ruined what was left of my wrist as well. And again, I was shocked to realise how much I actually enjoy handling guns. I genuinely do.

How you doin'?

* Speaking of eyes, I am always surprised when I see pics of myself by how much I tend to look like someone found, say, a skull and stretched some skin over it but then there was still some left over by the end of it so they added it to my eyelids and packed the back of the eye socket with it. I have humungous eyes, it's frightening. I am told I really do not look like that in real life but I wouldn't mind being told again [hi people who've seen me! Normal would be a fine adjective!] bcs - have you seen the pictures I do not post? Of course not and rightly so. Can't really blame the critters for struggling to break free.

6 furballs:

Udge said...

Lioness, dear heart, you look quite gorgeous in real life. Ignore the pictures, the words they tell are all lies.

This looks like a more enjoyable way to learn, than by sitting in a stuffy lecture room.

JoeInVegas said...

Sorry, have only seen the pictures you do post and you look delightful. Just please, don't point that thing at me.

Ratatouille said...

1. You look totally normal in real life. You do have big eyes. So do I. That's what makes us so glamorous and sultry (ha), though still totally within the realm of normal. You're gorgeous. Embrace it.

2. What I want to know is, why are you all dressed as chefs? What's with the double-breasted buttoned chef's tops? And why do you need to dress that way to practice tranquilizer darting? Ah, will the wondrous ways of the Porties never cease to amaze?

Lioness said...

V., it's a LAB COAT. With one row of buttons only. Shut up. We were STILL wearing the lab coats we had to have been wearing when we handled the birds, necrosis and infection don't smell so good. CHATA.

And thanks you all but I'll have you know I just forwarded V. one of the pics that must never be allowed to see the light of the internet and she said, AND I QUOTE, "I don't know who that cadaverous freakazoid is". What is it abt my bloody face that makes it so hard to look normal on pics? Am pissy.

D said...

I once held a Peregrin falcon. It too has humongous eyes. And it too is a magnificent creature.
You're not normal. Normal is boring. Glad you're not normal.
Normal according to Houghton-Mifflin: Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical.
Nah. Give me Lioness anyday. Oh and btw, you do look even better IRL. LMAO!

Diana said...

Lovely bone structure and large eyes: Isn't that the dream?

Plus, would you really want tiny, beady eyes that the raptors wouldn't want to strike at?

Just no satisfying you, dahling.