20 February 2008

The 20th

Have just been chatting with V. and it does seem like I AM going to San Francisco and Vancouver, she and Manuela now are in direct contact and btwn the 2 of them I don't think life I'll be given much choice. Am still not daring to believe it but V. is heavily kicking my arse and demanding I snoopy-dance, so I suppose it is only a matter of time.

[Not the Snoopy dance though, have always wanted to smash Snoopy's face in, annoying little thing. I'll think of something else.]

The 20th is here, again, but I am hopeful it will be a good day, a good Pip day. Good omens. He'd like that for me.

Have just decided I will not even bother with tomorrow's Parasitology exams, the Theory isn't saved for September even if I pass it and my chances of passing the Lab exam are rather minute seeing as I would have about 3 hours tonight to memorise it all, can't be bothered anymore. Holiday it is then, two whole days plus the weekend, oh the luxury of it! [Am serious, btw]

I think I wrote enough for a miser 10 [NO I DIDN'T], fingers crossed, exam was perfectly horrible, always the same rubbish, here, memorise over 30 diseases, have fun and don't forget the exam will be extra hard! Crawled home and am now sitting here with my chattering teeth as the full extent and work involved in this exam season are finally allowed to crash over me. And I'm not exaggerating, they're chattering and I'm trembling - that's how I cope with after-stresses, apparently.

Now I can do whatever I want and I'm too knackered to actually want to do anything except assume foetal position and weep bcs bloody hell, school starts on Monday and I don't know what to do with my time!

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José said...

Espero que tenha um bom dia, com as boas recordações.


(O que é snoopy-dance? Uma expressão idiomática?)

Lioness said...

Acho que vou ter, obrigada.

A snoopy dance é mesmo a dança do Snoopy, quando está muito contente dá assim uns pulinhos ridículos sem sair do lugar, com o focinho completamente levantado (no youtube deve haver uns vídeos vintage).

Diana said...

Well, OF COURSE you're going off to Vancouver and SF. Silly. They'd never forgive you if you didn't.

Have a lovely, long weekend. Have the plumbers finished?

Lioness said...

We're still negotiating.

Oh no, they haven't. Re-tiling still to be done. It's 19 tiles, they say it will take half a day. Really? Hopeless, hairy and hopeless...

Udge said...

An architect writes: It's not the nineteen tiles, it's the adding-together of the preparation and mixing and drying-out times. The time difference between laying ten tiles and a hundred is negligible.

And re 20: big hugs, dear Johnny. He is remembered.

Lioness said...

Enh, not very convinced after seeing them at work. They're quite the duo. I'll let you know how they fare.

And thank you, it is always good to re-hear it.

paulmonster said...

If and when you do come to the West Coast, Portland is almost exactly halfway between San Francisco and Vancouver. It would be silly not to visit. Silly verging on insulting. I do not forget silly insults, mind.

Sending much sympathetic affection--

CarpeDM said...

Why can't San Fran and Vancouver be closer to MN? Not fair!

Savtadotty said...

Vancouver? Vancouver? When? When? I'm going to be there March 16-19 and again March 24-26 (in the interval I'm accompanying Mermaid Girl and assorted family to Victoria).