02 January 2008

And am not being ironic either

Short break from revising to bring you this exchange btwn me and my former vet school colleague [who is now a vet, a real bona fide vet! I mean, this degree did not kill her, she actually graduated, did you know it was possible? YES! And, a few days ago she asked me when exams started - she had forgotten, see! FORGOTTEN! Abt exams! EXAMS! Woooot!] [also, I know it's far more polite and gramatically correct to say "btwn my blablabla and I" but you try that with the sentence in btwn brackets that comes right after it and see how it sounds, go on] [Not connected whatsoever but I must simply share this or will burst into flames and hallo, are you female? Do you enjoy clothes and make-up and the likes? Are you always looking for e.g. the perfect moisturiser? Buy Beauty Confidential, a former beauty editor wrote it, I was in love by page 9. They know things. Well now, love dwindled a tad after p. 9, they do know things but she tries too hard to be cute. Just read the blog, same info, less aggro.] [Being a beauty editor in the UK or US would be one of my dream jobs. Honestly.] [Amidst apologies resuming original subject now - vet colleague, me, texting:]

Her: Stll wnt me t brng u Imagiolgy book?
I: Yes pls!
Her: Need t drop off corpse frst, wll come round rght aftrwrds

Sometimes I really, really adore my life. Cheers!

3 furballs:

Jay said...

Happy New Year.

orodemniades said...

That reminds me of a commercial that's currently playing on US tv. The scene is of a room, one guy with his back to the camera, clearly reading a textbook and making notes. Another man comes into the room, opens the refridgerator and lets out a long, high-pitched girly scream. Finally, the scream ends and the screamer apologizes. At this point the voiceover begins, saying something along the lines of "No place to leave your biology homework? Find a new roommate in blahblahblah."

It's funnier to watch than describe, I'll try and find it on YT for ya as I think you'd appreciate it.

And Happy New Year!

CarpeDM said...

Hee! Both your post and oro's comment are making me laugh hysterically.