29 December 2007

Overheard in Lisbon

Person 1, holding a photograph: This is Uzi, had you seen him?
Person 2: No I hadn't, is that your friend who...?
Person 3: Yes, that's her friend who died in [the] Suriname.

This strikes Person 1 as so hilarious she slides down the wall laughing helplessly until she is a crumpled puddle of hysterical mirth on the floor.

Person 1 apologises bcs she realises it sounds a lot more hysterical in Portuguese but nevermind, Person 1 knows he'd have loved it.

Person 1 would also like to introduce you to her new friend, Aristides [pronounced Uhreejteedj].

Person 1 is expecting great things of Aristides.

Person 1 wishes you all a 2008 so filled with peace, health and happiness that it's dull dull dull. May we all thrive beautifully, may we all be around to see each other thrive.

12 furballs:

neko said...

Been thinking of you lately sweetness, wishing you some peaceful moments in all the memories right now. May your year be full of light as well.


Udge said...

With such a namesake, Aristides is likely to disobey instructions seemingly at random ;-)

I wish you much success and happiness with him nonetheless.

Lioness said...

Neko, I am actually fine, I have finally saved the good bits and accepted that it has all ended. Except the love bit, that will go on. Feels a bit like betrayal but I know it isn't. Thanks sweetie.

Udge, I am actually a bit afraid of that, yes... Thanks for solidifying my fears. Much.

traveler, said...

dear Lioness,
i second your new year's wishes. all the best to you, unknown friend:D

Udge said...

heheh. Glad to be of service :-)

Nancy said...

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and my your new friend Aristides be a more...cooperative entity than expected.


CarpeDM said...

Ooh, pretty new computer.

Seconding your wishes for a wonderful 2008. I wish you the same. And I'm sorry, for some reason I'm never home when you call. I must seem like the biggest social butterfly in the world.

brooksba said...

Dahling, Happy New Year! I'm wishing the best, a life filled with happiness and the courage to find it this upcoming year to you. I've missed you terribly and I'm going to try my hardest not to shy away to the woodwork this year. Lots of love!

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry, it is ballast and not lumber that you drop.

Dale said...

Happy New Year!

Diana said...

Dull sounds particularly good.

Dull, uneventful, calmness.

Hope yours is blessed with such, dahling.

Udge said...

Joe, the lumber was a reference to this post on my blog. (What, me proud?)