04 December 2007

Meh, blah and happy hannukah

Now de-blahed!

There were 7 blahs here, namely: my sleep disturbances, my suicidal blinds, the Exotics internship I thought I had secured but maybe not, the cold and my not having felt properly warm in weeks now, my cravings for sushi oh the luxury and wanting to eat all the time now bcs it's so bloody cold and it mustn't happen bcs I am not putting back the excess 10 kg/20 Lb I finaly got rid of and the post itself which sucked royal rock style-wise, and I'll add the fact that since I became sick-ly all those weeks ago my head hasn't properly stopped hurting and I hadn't had sinusitis in years so wtf, and my ears feel like I'm on an aeroplane all the time and no, I did not develop otitis when the parrot barfed in my ear (not the suppurating sort anyway) but ever since that happened it's been blocked and bothering me a lot so I look like a bleeding idiot walking abt and for all intents and purposes trying to unhinge my lower jaw, which might yet happen, and yelping when I succeed in equalising the pressure. Then there was my slip of the tongue while commending you if you happned to actually have read that whole inanity of a post, I'd first written I command you and then Yes, I do, I command you to run! Save yourselves!

Tremendously exciting stuff, as you see. Very well written too. MUCH LIKE THIS ONE.

It is Hannukah and Lisbon is so foggy I got hopelessly lost going to and coming back from the supermarket, which is abt 5 min away by car, the parrot ear is really bothering me, and I am slightly nauseous bcs I did buy the bread and chocolate spread so oy vey is mir - so how abt a Blah fest? What do you feel blah abt? What are your pet peeves, grievances, annoyances today? Freely use my blog as proto-therapy. PLEASE DO, we could all use some comment rage. Oh alright, I could, I could use some vicarious steam to balance off the mental fogitude.

[And Chimmy, I do hold you to a higher standard.]

11 furballs:

Chimmy's Ghost said...

I like it better as command. I tend to only pay attention when stern words are used against me.

Only 7 blahs? Call me when you make it to 10, honey.

I, also, suffer from cold fingers and toes. I think I just have poor circulation...or perhaps too much blood is going to my brain with all the elaborate thinking I do? Yeah, I'm sure it is just poor circulation.

Happy Hannukah!

Udge said...

Happy Hannukah, dear Johnny. May the blahs vanish like parrot shit down the shower-drainhole of life.

My prime annoyances today are: cold (weather or possibly catching), shivering in the apartment; money (where the hell is it?); myself (why such a lazy undisciplined shit). Will that do?

QuietusLeo said...

1. Boorishness
2. Complainers
3. When my personal space is invaded.
4. Laziness (except in myself)
5. When I'm lazy
6. Liars
7. Hubris

The Viscondessa said...

Annoyances, grievances, pet peeves:

Today, none! I just gave a lecture on my PhD research for an audience of 25 people and it went really well! I am full of exclamation points because I'm relieved that the lecture went well! And because I got less than five hours of sleep! And because I had three cups of coffee, include one gal√£o oscuro (ok, ok, they call it an au lait here, but you know what I mean!), and it only takes two cups to make me hyper! But now I'm realizing something that really is annoying me! My own exclamation points!

Whew. Other pet peeves today:

1. My students' 2-page paragraphs (what do they think they are, Portuguese?), and the fact that I have to grade papers in the first place.

2. Loud chewing by others.

3. People in the library with intermittent sniffles.

4. People talking loudly on their cell phones in restaurants, while I'm trying to eat alone and read in peace.

5. The fact that I'm hungry and can't just ignore it, because I don't feel like eating, but I suppose I must at some point. It's 4 PM and I haven't had breakfast yet, just lots of coffee.

6. The fact that it takes 17 hours to get to Portugal, and I hate to fly. Dreading that.

I think that's about it for now. I'd like to go back to feeling all exclamation point-y.

Hooray! That lecture is done! Now I can go back to grading papers! (That's enough to deflate anyone's exclamation-point streak.)


Nancy said...

Pet peeves:
1) people who glare at me because I park in the handicap spots and I don't have a hang tag. I don't NEED a hang tag. My permit is on my license plate.

2) people who park in handicapped spaces who have neither a hang tag, nor a license permit...and HOP out of the dang vehicle.

3) people who are obviously using grandma's hang tag, as they hop out of the vehicle and RUN IN to the store.

4) me. making plans to just jump up and do something and my idiot body won't cooperate. Stupid legs. Stupid pain.

On the other hand, things I can be thankful for:
1) warm house.
2) my own electric scooter and the ability to run over the toes of those whose toes need running over.
3) a gentleman who makes his living out of yard work, and who USED to do ours before we couldn't pay him...stopped by and weeded a very large flower bed for us. For free. He said, it just didn't seem right that it should look that way and he knew we must be feeling poorly if we'd not done it.. so he did it.

and that last one is enough to balance out quite a few peeves...

Diana said...

Oh, you know mine, yes you do.

Currently? The drifts of dog hair whafting across the floor (time to vacuum, apparently).

That Colin is home for the 3rd straight day due to the damned pink eye (now spread to the other eye).

That, much as I'm blessed with having help (you know what I'm referring to) I really, REALLY need some space.

That I took gouges out of two separate fingers within 2 minutes of each other this morning.

That's enough grumping. Time to clean.

Hope your tubes clear soon. Life in a vacuum is just no fun.

CarpeDM said...

Right now? The fact that I have to work and cannot spend the entire day flying around the Internet and playing Age of Empires III. I need to find a job that will pay me to blog and play computer games. Sigh.

Oh and the fact that it keeps snowing. Stupid snow. I hate winter.

Manuela said...

Oh how funny... I just wrote such a post.

I simply can't abide by stupid people. Can't. Fully healthy and mentally capable adults who refuse to follow basic threads of logic.


It also makes me feel momentarily superior. The fact of which I am definitely not proud.

Also... poor spoken grammar. SHUDDER. I'm not talking about purposeful misuse of grammar for effect. Or even choppy, flippant writing styles. Or casual email banter. No. I mean those who don't know the difference between 'seen' and 'saw'. ARRRGH! Was vs. were is another one. Who versus whom.

When college-educated colleagues of mine speak like that... I can't help but suppress a serious cringe.

portuguesa nova said...

We arrive in Lisbon in one week.

Could you drop me an e-mail so that I have yours? I'mnot exactly sure what my in-laws have in store for us (it involves car rentals and hotels, so I assume we'll be out of the greater Barreiro metropolitan area at least part of the time), but I'd love to meet up at some point. I will be in desperate need of chainsmoking. sarahksantos @ gmail.com

Ms. Krieger said...

(snif snif kerchoo!!)
sending you sympathy and solidarity in sniffles, fog and blocked sinuses from the US. Feel better soon. (sniff sniff kerchoo!!!!)

Viscondessa said...

Wow, Portuguesa Nova & I will be in Portugal with the Portuguese Men We Married at the same time? How cool! Maybe we can all meet up in your apartment and dish.

The Viscondessa