18 December 2007

Because we are so...very...pretty

I've just found out I mouth words as I type, I don't need a parrot to inflict harm upon me, I was actually chewing my cheek (dentist] [fun] [murderous wrath]. (Incidentally, what I had after said parrot barfed in my ear was a serous otitis. Mystery cleared. Ear has finally cleared as well. Just.)

Wrote an exam today and am on holiday now [if you can call it that considering how many exams I'll be writing so very soon] [let's call it that, sounds far better and might keep me and the very heavy stone I'm ogleing away from the river]. To celebrate [YES] I re-watched Serenity. Hence, I re-sprained a gonad.

Nothing will do now but to go and buy the whole of Firefly tomorrow and marathonise it, and of course languish, possibly perish, in lust. What is it abt very tall men with broad shoulders and manly faces and a wry sense of humour...? Abt at least 35.000 years of evolution is what it's abt I suppose. I, dahlings, am fully adapted then - and I haven't even smelt him. The sound which will surely be heard across the 'verse is be the pitter-patter of my exuberant ovaries springing abt in their haste to - what really? My ovaries have no conception [pun!] of how hard it would be to triangulate transatlantically. Alas, I do.

Captain Mal is a god though. Did you know?

UPDATE: Trash - How ever did I forget about this?? Mal, naked, sitting on a stone? MAL, NAKED, SITTING ON A STONE! My oh my. This episode should come with a cardiac warning.

RE-UPDATE: The end was... Was forced to revise my Don't usually much care abt a man's bum position. Life will be that much harder from now on.

7 furballs:

Diana said...

Yes. Good. A Firefly marathon is precisely what you and your ovaries need. It's not good to neglect one's ovaries too long. No it's not. Otherwise, they will turn on you and then what a mess you'll be in, won't you?

CarpeDM said...

Oh yes. He's so very pretty. And rugged which seems like an oxymoron but isn't. And I'm also very fond of Wash.

Josh Whedon is brilliant. I want more of his genius.

No river for you! You're on holiday.

Udge said...

well, whatever it takes to keep you away from that riverbank has got to be good. Sprain on.

orodemniades said...

Who doesn't love Cap'n Tight Pants?

Although, having said that, I do adore Jayne...

The End is Near said...

god i lust after him. and i looooooooooooooooooooooove firefly/serenity...

neko said...

One of the best series on TV. Mmmmmmm. Mal... He is currently on (ok well the actor) Desperate Housewives. *snicker*

Lioness said...

Diana, am almost finished, *SOB*

Dana, I don't find him pretty, which is good bcs I don't like pretty men, I find him rugged, yes, and vastly fanciable. Wash now, well, doesn't do much for me.

Udge, believe me, it's a sprain fest round the flat. *sigh*

Oro, you always comment when I do a I fancy him post, but at last this one is not gay. Not that that brings the character any closer to me though... Jayne is hot as well, though not as much. What I find fascinating is that he has what i call a typical Anglo lower face - like Hugh Laurie, you know? That face belongs to an English-spaker and that's all there is to it.

TEIS, oh me too, me too! And ME TOO!!!!

Neko, I know, I've watched it out of curiosity and - nope, needs to b Mal and that universe, Dr. whatchamacallit doesn't do much for me. Not after Mal anyway.