06 November 2007

Is that a brain in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

In Kool*anoo there is a thread in a forum right now abt whether, and I cannot quite believe I am typing this, Jews are more intelligent than anyone else - and it is being discussed very seriously, mind.

Does anyone else see the irony, the obscene irony at that, in this?

It's beyond furballs, it makes me want to vomit. People shame me so at times.

11 furballs:

Savtadotty said...

Research about brain physiology is just skimming the iceberg to determine what parts of a brain control what cognitive processes. While it may take a few years to isolate them, it will take even more to define Who is a Jew. And by that time, the definition of intelligence will probably have changed many times. So I say, Cool Your Jets and stop reading stupid forums. Your time can be better spent watching soap operas.
Savtadotty (feeling pissy)

Lioness said...

Yes, well, you've come to the right place. I didn't mean to read it, I was actually posting a reply to some bloody cow on the anu*sim subject (there's a thread as well and she thinks resources are wasted on us when the world already has so many actual Jews who could use them) - but once you see that particular subject line how do you not go in and read? I had to. Besides, they're basically equating intelligence with academic achievements, which is so idiotic and uninformed I just want to throttle them all. Meh.

Diana said...

Ah. Good. Nice to see that history hasn't taught anyone anything.


CarpeDM said...

Really? That just strikes me as one step away from sterotyping. And you're right, academic achievements, while great on their own accord, cannot be used to measure intelligence - not everyone gets the opportunity to go further with their education.

Udge said...

In my experience, people who try to assign good qualities to groups are (a) members of that group and (b) worried that they have no personally, individually, admirable qualities.

My "poster child" for education having nothing to do with intelligence is my father: failed out of school at age 15, ended up as a professor.

There are so many worthwhile things to obssess about, like politics or terrorism or global warming or why Homo Sapiens is both very clever and quite hopelessly stupid.

Lioness said...

Diana, isn't it. Such a fright.

DM, you'd be waving your fists in the air almost violently if you read that thread.

Udge, it's true, the scariest bit is, here you have this group of people discussing intelligence most seriously and they're, quite honestly, mostly dumb. Eh.

D said...

Jews are not more intelligent than anyone else. Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) are.
Jews are only second.

If you count Ashkenazi jews only, it's a tie.

Back to PC now.

Lioness said...

Oh for fuck's sake, Dany. For this you come out?

Udge said...

Ah, he's just pulling your tail (a brave and very foolish thing to do.)

brooksba said...

I was going to say something super clever, but I'm not Jewish so I couldn't compete.

(And of course that was just meant as a joke. I agree that the whole topic is ridiculous.)

Lioness said...

Udge, I know! I was pulling his non-existent hair myself. :P

Beth, funny! And I KNOW it was a joke - people, have I misplaced my sense of humour again?