30 October 2007

Re-thinging the thing with feathers

Remember that political comic book with the children I wrote my Anthropology thesis on? No, I don't blame you. Anyway, one of the strips portrays our heroine, Mafalda, lying on the beach. It's a view from the top and she is thinking Whenever I remember we are going back home soon I get all sad - and every little square portrayed her bikini bottom changing until it looked like this: :(

That is exactly how I feel. I am still a bit crushed by the weight of the sky falling on me. Les Gaulois avaient raison, c'est l'enfer, it does hurt like a mother. This past fortnight has been spectacularly rotten, even allowing for Uzi's birthday.


1- My flat. I have always needed clean, organised spaces even if I am prone to letting things pile up and not putting everything away immediately. I have talked abt it here, in one of my favourite posts ever [and funny thing abt blogging and whether we are able to get to know someone through it is - I maintain we can, barring sociopaths - some anonymous person left a comment regarding my English as a second-language in that post and a good while later a commenter called Old Bald Helen left a comment on another post of mine and she sounded familiar so I asked her if she had been that anonymous and why, she had. From one comment. I feel vindicated.] Ever since the break up my flat has felt comfier, cleaner and that's bcs it is. There is far less clutter, there are far less piles, the laundry is done on time, clothes are folded and put away, washing machine is emptied and everything is as it should be. A tidy flat greatly comforts me.

2 - Vet school. The other day I was in our hospital and we were discussing a case, a dog with a skin condition. All of a sudden I heard someone say Well, it could be acral lick dermatitis and it was me. Me. I was so shocked I literally stood there, unable to move or shut my oddly wise mouth bcs really, WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM? I didn't even know I knew abt ALD! I mean, after I said it I remembered studying it but wha?? That felt particularly good after a clinical cases discussion in which we failed to come up with the most basic of diagnosis and I remarked to my colleagues that we were in very poor shape considering we were going to be starting our internships in the real world in abt a year, and then the teacher came in and heard us and wouldn't you know it, she said the exact same thing and that is just abt the last thing you want to hear when your career of choice involves actually being responsible for other beings' lives, lives you can so easily and royally fuck up. And later on that week we were sitting through yet another clinical cases session and the patient had incoercible vomiting and was severely dehydrated and needed emergency surgery and I immediately though Uh-oh, hyperkalaemia, either they fix it or he'll die on the table right away and wouldn't you know it, I was right, I should have been thinking like that. It's still a bit despairing bcs really, this is the basics and why am I still struggling with the basics in my final year of school, this should be automatic by now - but hey, some things apparently do stick to the void that for the most part constitutes my memory and I reckon my trunks hold more than emaciated penguins.

3 - Basic knowledge. Considering 2, I decided to go back and revise, revise, revise. And this time I actually did it.

4 - My exam schedule. Do you know, this year for some subjects I'll have up to 6 days to study? Six days in between exams - it's demented, it's like the Messiah is coming or something similar, six full days. Of course, it isn't quite like that bcs of course, last exam season having landed right after said break up and, most importantly, smack in the middle of the small soap opera that ensued, I ended up with 3 subjects from last year for the first semester which equals 5 more exams. Oops. But I'll have more time to plan around them and that is a luxury of a magnitued I couldn't possibly convey to you so I won't even try.

5 - Dark Angel. Just finished watching Season 2. It's actually not a good thing at all bcs how can there possibly NOT be a Season 3?

And on this cheery not, ran out of good things. So: 

6 - The new me. I think I could become cynical and callous in time and I think it'd do me a world of good, give the village idiot some respite, just don't quite know how to go abt it. I've read that mercury is retrograde and whatever the bloody hell that means I am firmly blaming it, and it'd better get its sorry arse back into shape soon bcs I've had just abt enough of this nonsense.

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portuguesa nova said...

Various things:

1. I think it's okay to not ever trust anyone as long as you keep it in the way back of your mind. The key is keeping it far away. I think it might be a good thing maybe.

2. I'm in nursing school right now. And nurses aren't really doctors, as you know...more like bodily fluid clean up specialists. But, with healthcare as it is in this country, sometimes nurses are kinda' put in positions that doctors would be much better off filling. I am about half done with the program. I feel like I could diagnose about 5 conditions. One of them being dandruff.

3. Seriously. Your English. It's crazy. I just don't get it. How the hell do you speak it so well? There are little tiny nuances in the writing of even the most fluent non-native speakers that usually give people away, but as I do not speak the real deal English English that you do (with such fanciness as fortnight, flat, revise, etc.), I would have no clue. It just boggles the mind.

4. The end.

Dale said...

Well, you know, it's not the opening, it's the wanting that kills you :-)

Hugs, dear Lioness. Hope you feel refreshed and full of joy soon -- now -- always.


Udge said...

"Who cares"? We do. That's why we come here.

Big sloppy Germanic hugs.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You've posted! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting.

Revise. Hmm. The Frenchman says this all the time, too. Did you mean "review"? (At this the Viscondessa cackles/snickers wickedly, then starts chuckling over the memory of a certain discussion of English words for laughter.) And speaking of the love of words, guess what I thought when I read "There is far less clutter, there are far less piles"? Hooray for punniness, I do hope it's true.

Tidy flat, yes yes yes, and no one there to rearrange it and claim feng shui to cover their sudden breakdown. :-)

Something about this particular post makes me say... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! Any chance we can convince you to come up to the north for a visit chez Frenchman before your exams start up after xmas? What if I came and collected you personally?


Lioness said...

PN, see, but that's what's causing me grief, the notion that yes, I cannot go through life assuming I can trust most people. How can you decide that and not fully know it at all times? Bah. And I think you'll surprise yourself and, much like me, will learn the most while actually doing it, not just theoretically memorising things. My English - my typos often give me away, I am prone to doubling consonants that need not be doubled (just now I hovered over that middle N in consonant...) But I love English and English fits me. It has actually a bit of a parasitic relationship (on its part) bcs it affects my Portuguese - my Portuguese is flawless (ask your hubby abt the "Prontos" phenomenon, the "a gente fomos", the "há-dem". Unless he says them as well, in which case he needs to stop bfr I meet you. You're still coming, right? RIGHT?) - anyway, flawless but just yesterday i was translating an English word and I now fullly forgot which one thereby ruining my point. Bloody hell. Will update later, but I translated it into Portuguese into something that was wrong and yet would sound good in English.

Dale, I will always want people to show others at least a minimum of decency, how could I not want it?

Udge, no one would miss posts such as this one, is what I meant. Sometimes my blog is so dark it pisses me off.

V., you're so exasperating in your americanity, woman! Read carefully: "revise (STUDY) UK verb {I or T} (US review)to study again something you have already learned, in preparation for an exam" YES? I was going to be evaluated orally (eh, now this sounds bad, forget abt the piles - funny one though, and unintentional), therefore I REVISED. Gerturdes is in hiding, bless her heart. And yes, the next person who tries to rearrange my furniture will have their internal organs reshuffled. FYI. *clears throat* And look, you demented person, you'll be arriving right bfr my exams, how could I possibly go traipsing around the country?? Hashanah habaah beTzafon, that's more likely. Also, how you could rad my post and actually WANT to see me is beyond me. Mental, all Anglos are mental.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an Anglo, you freak.

You can come study in the north. It's very quiet. Lots of books. Nice quiet guest bedroom. A ton of birds and 6 dogs and a cat, all very friendly. You will be fed and ignored. See? How can you say no? (I know you will, but never say I don't try.)

Oh, and by the way: Americanity is not a word.

The one and only V.

PS my word verification is nyarnfqg. Yes, exactly how I feel at the moment.

Lioness said...

V. YES YOU ARE! Aren't you American? That makes you an Anglo. And of course Americanity is a word, I made it up, it's as much of a word as plaphora.

Anonymous said...

That's pláfora, wench, and it's not made up. I use it all the time. So there, minha plaforosa.

I'm not Anglo. If I were American and black, would you still call me Anglo? Here it doesn't mean anglophone, it means WASP. And we both know I'm most definitely not that.



Lioness said...

It IS made up and the reason I know is, I MADE IT UP. Remember? Even though you tried and take credit for it. *clears throat*

Of course I would, if you behaved that way! My "Anglo" is like our "Latin", in the US it means South-Americans et al, here it means we're hot-blooded. If you were black and expounding on the virtues of sweet potatoes puree with marshmallows or peanut butter and jam sandwiches YES, ANGLO MADNESS.

Will you stop correcting my weltaschauung already? I don't live there, I live here. It will come to blows yet, yes it will, orpa or no orpa.

Anonymous said...

You'll start to feel cooler as you grow into your vet skin. And yes. The Messiah is coming (look busy). You could use a scorpion right now to cheer up but you have loads to be happy about so chin up Johnny chap!

Lioness said...

Eh, unintentionally funny, that. Have had quite enough of scorpions, thank you.