19 October 2007

19th of Evel

My Tig would have been 31 today.

(...) e trocámos pendentes
velhas palavras tontas
com sotaque diferentes
nossa prosa está pronta
dobrando esquinas e gretas
pelo caminho das letras
que tudo o resto não conta

e lá fomos audazes
por passeios tardios
vadiando o asfalto
cruzando outras pontes
de mares que são rios
e num
mar fora de horas
se eu chorar perdoa
ó meu bem é que eu canto
por dentro sonhando
estás em Lisboa (...)

Fausto, Porque me o*lhas ass*im
You can listen to it here for a week. This is what saudade sounds like.

Neko. Again.

I hope you know, I hope you do know how less hard you always make this day for me, I hope you know that the tears I cry every year are made less bitter and somewhat wondrous because of you. He would never believe how many people do remember him, he would never believe his being alive and then dead could have been so remarkable that butterflies have become sacred and cherished throughout the world. You too are my sanctuary, every year, and one day I hope to find the words to tell you.

Muito, muito obrigada.

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neko said...

Tomorrow amidst all the hustle of celebrations, there will be a quiet moment when I'll think of butterflies and people that I've never met and you. I can't wish for you that tomorrow be full of sparkles and light because we know it won't be. At least know, that I'm out here remembering, with you.


Lioness said...

Funny thing, have just left you a comment. It balances it off a bit you know. And every year I'm grateful you think of him too.


D said...

I read a fe of your posts...must admit I skipped some. How I landed here is pretty funny...I googled Lioness and this is what I got! Whatever, must say the few which I read were worth it...I am sure I'll find myself hanging around more often...all the best.

Udge said...

{{{ Lioness }}}

He is remembered.

neko said...

Thinking of you today and him and you more... *** hugs ***


Anonymous said...


CarpeDM said...

I am thinking of you and him today. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. I will never forget him.

Love you.

Aurelia said...

Take care sweetie. I'm thinking of you this week.

orodemniades said...

What a perfect song. Thank you for sharing it, and him.

Udge said...

The song-link doesn't work for me, it downloads a 44 byte (!) .CDA file :-(

Lioness said...

Bloody link never worked, am pissy, stupid comp will not copy it right from the CD, don't know why, am going mental trying

Udge said...

Do you have an AIM account? mail me your name and we'll work it through step-by-step sometime this week.

M said...


Ana said...

Don't really know what to say except that I'm sorry I haven't been there for you as much as I would like.

Saudade is the most painful feeling of all, but also the most beautiful. I hurts but at the same time it's almost a good feeling, you know what I mean? Hang in there my friend. Um grande abraço.

(I think I am ready to come back now)