25 September 2007

Oh no no nononono!!!

OMG, I'm an idiot, I'm a bleeding idiot!! I'm so bloody distracted these days I forgot to enroll in school for this year! I am not officially a student at all, I'M IN LIMBO, I was waiting for those final exams which I couldn't be bothered to take anyway to do it and bloody hell, I forgot all abt it!


This is a new record even for me! Shitshitshit, must do it tomorrow without fail or - can't even bear to think abt it.



PS - Phase 1 of Operation Finish This Degree Already has been set into motion, I have just printed this:

Now all I need to do is cut out every little photograph (the sheer insanity of it), glue it onto the appropriate litle form so every teacher knows who I am in duplicate and fill in the remaining forms and hand them in tomorrow. My wrist hurts just to think of it.


PPS - I look like a brown-haired, brown-eyed Replicant, don't I? I know.

13 furballs:

Udge said...

(Sighs, smacks forehead.)

(Not that I have ever done anything remotely like that. Oh no. Not at all.)

CarpeDM said...

Hey, at least you didn't open the door to a waving stranger (loved your comment, made me laugh so much).

Ms. Krieger said...

you should fold little origami unicorns and leave them in strategic locations as reminders...

Anonymous said...

Who is that?!? Surely not the Lioness. That woman looks... well.... Portuguese.

Who is that and what have they done with the real Johnny?


JoeinVegas said...

Looks like a pretty used-to-be student.

Nancy said...

Well.......they could have chose worse for replication. You have a lovely and intelligent face.

Nancy said...

errr......that should have been: chosen worse...

Udge said...

Is that you NOW? You look fifteen years younger.

brooksba said...

But you still can enroll, right? I think you will be able to get in.

I thought they picked the classes for you. Why do you have to enroll?

That doesn't look like you. Not bad, but just not like you. Hmmm.

Lioness said...

Udge, isn't it though? Now - you met me. IRL. These pics are from last year and I didn't really think I looked that young - or this old IRL? WHAT?? Meh.

Dana, there's that.

Ms.Krieger, oooooh, smooth! Well done! Only with crumpled bits of paper bcs I couldn't do crafts if my life were at stake.

V. once I found an ols pass photo of me, B&W, and I looked vile so I drew a stripe over the eyes (you know, as people do when they're trying to keep soemone's identity secret) and coloured in my hair and drew a beauty mark over my top lip. My mum found it and took one look at it and then said "Why would you ruin a perfectly lovely photo of your cousin??" Said cousin has very dark+rosy colouring, in fact her older brother used to tease her and say she'd been born to gypsies and theyp'd come for her any day now, that's how dark she is - so, to sum it up, I'm phenotypically a celt but my bone structure is all Portie?

Joe, can't wait for those used-to-be days!

Nancy, thank you, that are so sweet! (In your honour ;))

Beth, I do. Will do it tomorrow, GOD WILLING! Remind me to post abt the rest of the saga. I suck rock.

m said...

My god, vooman, how many forms do you have to fill in?

Also, forgetting to enroll may sound ditzy to some, but I think it is all kinds of awesome.

M.Bee/m said...

Also, "m" is really "M.Bee" - I need to settle for just one set of letters to sign comments now.

Lioness said...

As it turns out, NOT THAT MANY! Wait for it, just wait for it. I am an idiot.

(Please do, especially bcs I already have an M as a commenter, however infrequently, and if "he" left me a girly comment I should be very surprised!)