06 August 2007

We're on a road to somewhere

This holiday thing is doing me in, who knew holidays could be this tiring? I found a few more L-referring posts but I think I have them all down now (should you come across one pls let me know so I can zap it into oblivion). Maybe one day I will put them back up but for now this is the right thing to do. Regarding the holidays, I chose to stay here. I will go away after the September exams to some exotic location and have the beach holiday I so desperately need but I didn't feel like it just yet. I am reclaiming my flat, changing things, tidying the closet and the books, going to the beach and see third paragraph in a bit. Anyway, there was once mention of fine Mexican beaches for not so hight costs so we might just go there in October or November, depends on my class schedule. Or some other location further South, I truly don't care as long as there's heavy heat, an ocean and loads of luxuriously lazy rest.

I never thought I'd say this - neither did you, I'm sure - but I am looking forward to exams and school again, they equal normality. I am extremely fond of normality and that seems to be the normality I know, so it is welcome for now. (Watch this space for September when I'm once again pullling out my hair and berating stupid vet school.) What I want now is to put it all behind me, evict the penguins from one of the trunks and lock everything in tightly until it becomes dormant and no longer matters. That too shall come to pass.

In keeping with the normalcy quest I also seem to be dating just a tad. I am trying the American way, a series of non-relationships with fun men. I'm single, men seem to have re-discovered me - it may be fairer to say I now re-discovered them bcs I can, so I actually notice them more. If I am in a relationship, and since I'm not a pig of a human being, I will not encourage anyone so I tend to not even notice their interest, or at most notice it, feel flattered and immediately file it away under That's The End OF It. I know how I would feel if a boyfriend of mine went beyond the acceptable flirting level and I could never do anything that innapropriate and disrespectful. And right after the end of a relationship there's a mourning period anyway where you simply want to be alone, you need to digest it, allow it to become real. I wouldn't have been prepared then, I was indeed not prepared then and hence the shooing off of men who did pursue/might have pursued me. But I have been alone, I have digested it, it has become real, I am ready for the next good thing - hence the American way (very foreign to us actually). Not that I have a whole series of them but you know what I mean. I will not disclose any details - learnt my lesson, that way lies blog amputation - but suffice to say I don't want a serious relationship, just loads of fluff, with hotties. There are far more hotties out there than I remembered and they seem to be paying attention to me as well so it seems to be a perfect combination. (Let me just add though, if you don't speak Portuguese you don't know what you're missing when a Portuguese speaker from another country is wooing you in that absolutely sexy accent of theirs.) And then again, you never know, I may even change my mind abt not wanting anything serious, who the bloody hell ever knows what life has in store.

So here we are.

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Old Bald Helen said...

Gee, and all this time we Americans have been thinking that's the European way....

Lioness said...

Honestly, I have been meaning to write a post abt dating for the longest time bcs it's a very puzling thing - the way we se it in films and have it described by Anglos anyway. We don't usually see more than one person at a time, and the whole "we've been seeing each other for 4 weeks and kiss and have sex but we haven't had THAT talk yet so we're not together really or exclusive" eludes me.

I hope I'll get around to it some day bcs I'd really love to understand how it works in Anglodom.

Old Bald Helen said...

Don't they give you a "Lifestyles and Couplings" manual over there before you graduate from secondary school?

In Ameridom, no one can receive a secondary school diploma without having passed both an oral examination and a two-person proficiency test demonstrating mastery of the rules and regulations governing dating, mating, and extricating.

For the privileged kids whose parents are able to afford evening and weekend cram schools, it's not all that difficult to score. But for those who must study and memorize the material on their own, it can take at least 3-4 tries to pull it off.

And of course, everyone who makes the grade is given a brand new automobile, as well, so at least there's some consolation in that.

Still, as you mentioned, it can be tricky stuff!

Lioness said...

Oh Old Bald Helen, I'm far too dumbified right now to properly digest irony so chances are I fully missed your point, sorry. Are you pissy abt something I said or just being so brilliantly sarcastic abt the Dating System I am in no shape to follow?

Diana said...

Apparently I'm not a typical Yank as I've never dated more than one person at a time. For me, there was either sparkage and a next date or not. More than one would have been way too confusing.

(At the risk of overstepping my bounds, I think Helen was being brilliantly sarcastic. At least I giggled upon reading her explanation and took it in that vein.)

Lioness said...

See, told you I was dumbified. It's amazing how often these days my friends will stare blankly at me when I seriously reply to something they said and then say "IT WAS A JOKE, WHAT'S HAPPENED TO YOUR SENSE OF HUMOUR??"

It's trapped btwn my lumbar vertebrae, is all I can think of.

Shit. I've become one of those daft people.

Old Bald Helen said...

Oh no, Lioness. I'm not at all pissy about anything you say...ever! I was just making fun of us Americans. (Glad it made you laugh, Diana. :-)

I apologize for my bad timing, though, and I'm so sorry you had such a rough night (not to mention a rough fortnight sleep-wise). I hope your precious dog recovers soon.

I know how desperately difficult it is to try to care for sick animal who isn't responding to treatment or medication, and I know how helpless/hopeless it feels not to be able to do something to ease the suffering -- yours or theirs.

But I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be when you have a ton of vet knowledge to scare yourself with even further.

May you both have a peaceful day.

And do buy yourself another bed (or at least get someone to help you flip and rotate your mattress)!

Lioness said...

Oh no, it's not bad timing at all, I'm just having a dumb very-long-moment. I always love your comments but they require a certain level of intelligence I seem to have left behind. One day I'm sure I'll re-read and guffaw. God let it be soon, I hate this new blondified me. Please don't think you can't comment bcs I'm a bit daft now, someone (say, Diana The Wise) will always be at hand to help me connect both hemispheres. And you can say anything, you know that, right? Just pretend I'm the old me, one day I'll sleep better and will be again.

Also, tonnes of vet knowledge? Scarily, not so much. We have yet to learn anything abt epilepsy anyway.

CarpeDM said...

Dating? What's this dating you speak of? I don't seem to recall.

Lord Chimmy said...

The American way doesn't seem to work too well for me (or maybe it is working and I just don't like it anymore)...maybe I should try the Portuguese way.

Any tips?

Lioness said...