17 August 2007

Life is sweet, baby *

Yellows, all.

More fluff, still in no mood or shape for more than enjoying my holiday and letting things brew below the surface, I'll get to the rest when the time is right.

I have just returned from the hairdresser's with a very hip-swaying haircut that has been met with approval and am now getting things ready for the weekend. A group of us will go round to my friend B.'s tomorrow, she has a lovely garden and we shall sun ourselves, either there or at the nearby beach, drink juicy, cool sangria/beer/wine and party to lovely, appropriately loud music and laughter. Some of us are staying over - she lives outside Lisbon - and ooh, I cannot wait, this will be such fun, doesn't it sound like fun? FUN.

Also, this brand new bum of mine? I'm loving it, I fit into all of my fab clothes again, I feel like I have my body back. That's probably because I do have my old body back. I was afraid I was going to lose boobage (I lost a total of 8 kg/18 Lb in a very, VERY short time) but nope, boobage remains, it feels EXACTLY like the body I used to have a few years ago and the thing that pleases me the most is not even that I lost weight and fit into old clothes, it's that I now feel this is the right body in terms of ease of carrying it around - see what I mean? The other one was too cumbersome, beyond what really was me, this one fits.

Anyway, am so excited, will go exfoliate now so I can apply some self-tanning lotion, and then I have a Torchwood marathon *gay swoon* [*i.e., I may swoon all I want but he'll still be gay by the end of it* *who cares, have you seen John Barrowman? And his clothes??*] and then I celebrate shabbat in my home in some lovely company and then tomorrow off we go. Plus, I have finally defrosted the fridge! No more ice problems, It only took me 9 years and granted, 3 of those were spent living in Israel but still, amazing what difference a little defrosting makes - the extra ice is indeed gone and the cats had a lovely time playing with the spreading puddle despite the soaking devices.

[I also have truly exciting news but am waiting to see if it holds till I tell you, it will be a most excellent thing if it does, give me a few days - or so.]

Ooh, this is building up to be a brilliant, brilliant weekend! Shabbat shalom, my loveliessss.

* Hi, Lorem

6 furballs:

CarpeDM said...

Yay! Yay, yay, yay, yay! It sounds like an absolutely wonderful time and I'm so excited for you. I can also imagine the cats playing with the puddle. Ah, so much braver than Eddy, who freaks out if there is an ice cube on the floor.

Orodemniades said...

I can't wait to see Torchwood, but will probably have to wait til it comes out on DVD as we don't get tv at home (rural area). But oh, John Barrowman, rrowr...he can be Captain Jack for me anytime! ;)

Udge said...

Hey, great news -- even the secret might-be-news.

But, er, I saw you in person not so long ago and I truly cannot figure out from where you could have found 18 pounds to lose? It's a mystery to me.

Lioness said...

Dana, it is being wonderful and it's only just begun.

Oro, I KNOW!!! Isn't he lecker?? Such a waste, he's bloody gorgeous! Too bad he is not doing his Scottish accent - he was born there you know, can switch back and forth. *sigh*

Udge. Dahling. Bum + thighs. Bless you.

Diana said...

Sounds like just the thing. Sangria, garden, sun, friends, lovely, loud music.

(And a new 'do! A swingy new 'do. to go with the 'old' body. Bring a large stick to beat the blokes off.)

JennaM said...

Oh, come now, this is no place for secrets. Dizer.