12 August 2007

Johnny and the angry inch


We did go clubbing in a different part of town than last time - I mean, than the last time I went clubbing. It was never my favourite but when I used to go there regularly, many many years ago, I remember some fabulous bars and clubs where I would always have fun. Now I no longer seem to be able to have any fun whatsoever there be it clubbing or bar-hopping. As the saying goes, it is not my scene - too many people with unwashed, funny hair and music I cannot relate to in any way and far too loud (like the Romans in Asterix, some places saw me stuffing balls made of paper napkins in my years for lack of parsley) and yes, it's no longer the place it used to be and it took me a long time to accept it, even though B. has been telling me that for years, but I am all accepting now and please God don't make me go there ever again. It's all gone, even if some places remain, and frankly, good riddance. Blech.

Also, and this is what made a very lasting impression on me, there were tonnes of people there, tonnes - and the Portuguese men are shrinking. What the bloody hell? Honestly, I towered over most of them and I myself am tall for a Portuguese woman but not that tall - and that was regardless of their age so it's not as though I could blame it on adolescence and their not yet attained adult height. I was so thrown by this we stayed in a bar on purpose just so I could enjoy the fact that I had to look up to see the nape of the neck of the bloke talking with his friends just in front of me, it was very comforting. Said bloke was, of course, American. One of his friends was equally tall and when he stood up I was doubly comforted. Imagine, to have to look up! To stand almost beside them and have their shoulders vastly away from mine! Oh the bliss, OH THE BLISS. But seriously, what is happening? I have been the same height for quite a few years now and I distinctly remember the men being taller, not for the most part bcs we are not what you could call tall as a people, but there were far more tall men than there are now. I also remember seeing a show recently abt the same happening in the USA, Americans are losing inches as well. WHAT? That makes me even more grateful for my tall, gay American friends, who were soul food amidst a sea of almost dwarves. Bless.

I need to become shorter.

2 furballs:

CarpeDM said...

How do you become shorter? Is it possible? I think I am shrinking but am not sure.

I'm happy if the guy is either eye level or a bit taller. It is good to be only 5'4 and 3/4's of an inch.

Lioness said...

Yes well, not so good to be 1.72 or what have you in feet and inches. It's just impossible to fancy someone new rigth now! Thank God for backups yes?, and that's all I'll say abt it.