09 August 2007

The Jesus and Mary Chain Revisited

My friend V. and I kept ourselves busy last night. She is allowing me to post these two pictures, and we're negotiating the rest - for they are brilliant. She is the one who gave them all their special treatment. I can't remember the last time I laughed this much, it felt absolutely wonderful. Thanks, V. Next attempt later tonight: Calimero Is All Alone In The World. And if she doesn't let me post them I will have to resort to emotional blackmail.

My eyes
This one is being posted bcs she didn't give me much to choose from and she finds it hysterical.

Almost two of us
This one I'm posting so I can guilt her into allowing me to post the rest of it, she makes the most amazing faces! And NO, NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO RECOGNISE YOUR EYELASHES!

The devil inside
This one is me only, and it sets the Billy Idol theme, and bcs it's only me I can do with it as I like. So there.

This one we both absolutely love - we can be scary!

We missed our calling, it seems.

And I, dahlings, have a date tomorrow. On Shabbat, you ask? Oh yes! Currently my mood is sod Shabbat, sod God, sod Life, sod It All, I will do exactly as I please when I please and I will act in this manner for as long as I feel like it and yes, I very much feel like it. I have a whirlwind of thoughts that I need to make sense of bfr I post abt loyalty and my obviously wrong stance on it and God help me, I am still learning loads abt myself and not all of it pretty (sligthly understated - a lot of it rather ugly but better now than never) but for now I can't seem to write abt more than fluff which suits me perfectly, we've covered my need for severe fluff, I still often feel like a dervish spinning only my spinning does not come from deep enlightenment so yes, dating on Shabbat BCS I WANT TO AND BCS I CAN AND IT'S NO ONE'S BUSINESS BUT MINE, AND IF GOD WERE ONE OF US HE'D ACTUALLY HELP ME PICK OUT MY CLOTHES (ooh, bought cute new ones too!).


PPS - As glamourous a subject as dating on shabbat is, doesn't anyone have anything to say abt the pictures?? People, the pictures, we're so proud of the pictures! Are they really that uninteresting? WE STILL LOVE THEM. There.

10 furballs:

Savtadotty said...

I hereby give you permission to date on Shabbat.
Someone who was made in God's image.

Lioness said...

Why thank you, S., it's very much appreciated. I'll be sure to raise my molusk to your health - cheers!

Aurelia said...

Dating on Shabbat is bad? Seems odd, I mean isn't celebrating friendship & love and feeling happiness in life a way of worshiping God?

At least the way I see it. Course, I'm a heathenish Catholic so what do I know!

Udge said...

Shabbat? Meh.

Photos? great! especially that last one, rock'n'roll gods circa 1975.

JoeinVegas said...

It looks like the two of you were having a great time. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Manuela said...

Pictures-schmictures! I mean HONESTLY! a DATE??? On honest to goodness DATE???

My dear Hank will be SOOO disappointed, especially since his pubic hair has apparently grown back without incident.

Diana said...

Bravo! You both look even scarier than Patti Smith, and that's saying something.

So have a delightful date, eat all sorts of lovely things and let the grease run down your chin.

manuela said...

Hank wants to know if he should cancel the flight!!! For heaven's sake, EMAIL the man would you??

Lioness said...

Aurelia, it's not that dating on Shabbat per se is bad, it's that you're not supposed to handle money, drive other than to synagogue, do anything that can constitue "work" (there's alot of it, you'd be shocked).

I don't care. Off now!

[Manuela, not Hank, Henry, HENRY! You're killing me!]

CarpeDM said...

Ooh! Have fun. And God would approve of the date. He likes you.

And I love the pictures. I especially love the comment that no one would be able to recognize her by her eyelashes. Hi-larious!