07 August 2007

Awful, awful, awful

I am so worried abt the dog, she had a terrible night. Yesterday in the evening she started exhibiting that odd behaviour again, the one that is usually followed by seizures and I immediately gave her some diazepam. After an hour it had not gotten better so I gave her some more and she seemed to calm down a bit and stopped being agitated and panting. But the night, oh God what a night we had, I barely slept at all, she kept panting and trying to climb onto all sorts of furniture and me and would not calm down and finally I just started crying bcs I had reached the diazepam dosage limit and was out of my mind with worry and tiredness, I have been sleeping like shit for over a fortnight now due to back pain from that old accident, I need new pillows or a new mattress or a new something and I always wake up in more pain and more tired than the previous night, so in the end I just held on to her sobbing bcs I couldn't tak any of it anymore while she panted frantically, hoping that would help, but it didn't and I was afraid she'd do herself some real harm. We must have both fallen asleep at some point, she eventually calmed down, and I could barely get out of bed this morning, I couldn't straighten my lower back at all. I'm supposed to be meeting someone later on but if the pain remains the same we'll have to change the plans bcs I will be as good as grounded, no way I could possibly bear to sit in a cinema chair for so long, so DVD it is (I prefer watching films at home than in a theatre anyway, much comfier, but I'm pissy that I may not have a choice). There's no point in taking her to the vet again without any new information, they'll only say more of the same, I'm so worried abt her, she's still not back to her old self this morning, she's no longer panting but is pacing the house and looking very anxious and staring out the window and it's not the separation anymore, she's adjusted and no longer misses him, whenever she sees him it's no longer the desperate greeting but more of a Oh look, another uncle to pet me! and even Hum-Hum is perfectly fine now (she's the unforgiving sort and has short term memory for lost affections, last time my ex was here he tried to pick her up and she tried to slap him, no claws but a slap nonetheless, he was happy bcs he thought it meant she was pissy abt him not being around anymore but really, she no longer recognises him as having the right to bcs she no longer knows him as she used to, that's what it amounts to now), so I'll just pour some more medication down Papoila's throat and hope it will be more effective this time. Very windy days are the pits, they always trigger this.

Can't wait for my REAL holiday, is all I can say. Shitty cold summer and panicky dog, I'm so worried abt her.

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Diana said...

Oh, dahling! Shittier than shitty! So very sorry about the poor, poor dog. How scary and completely miserable.

At least she's no longer pining, though. That's a tiny bit of relief. And your back on top of everything!

Any of the lovely blokes buzzing around a chiropractor? Or a massage therapist? Or both? Both would be good.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand how you can write so personal stuff on the internet...

CarpeDM said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. I hope that she's feeling better soon. I miss Papoila and Hum-Hum and JIP so much. But you the most, of course.

I'm sorry I've not been by lately, we've been so busy at work. No time. It's sad.

Anonymous, fuck off. She can write personal stuff because she's got guts. Which is more than I can say for you. And if you don't like it, here's a thought, go away.

Lioness said...

Oh anonymous, I know, my dog having seizures and my back hurting is so very personal, it takes a load of courage and at least 3 shots of tequilla first thing in the morning for me to be able to write abt it. But you're not ALL THAt anonymous, are you?

Si no te gusta mi blog ni mi manera de escribir nadie te obliga a leerme, yo en mi blog escribo lo que quiero y como quiero, para de leerme, no vuelvas, nadie te obliga - pero siempre vuelves, así que no tienes mucha coherencia. DÉJAME EN PAZ.

Kath said...

Dear Lioness, I'm so sorry -- that sounds like an awful, terrifying night. I hope you're feeling much better by now, and I hope your dog is much improved as well.

Lord Chimmy said...

Poor dog. I hope she's ok. My dog does that "reverse sneezing" thing (prone to beagles) and it causes me so much anxiety when she's having an episode.

Ms. Krieger said...

Oh dear, please give my best to dear Papoila.

It is terrible when pets are ill, and children--you worry for them and feel the responsibility but can do nothing. And the little ones suffer and look to you to make it better.

You please take care of yourself, when you are feeling awful and not sleeping it makes everything so much worse. (I know, it's not as if you actually choose to suffer and not sleep...)

Have you considered taking Papoila to an acupuncturist, or perhaps a holistic vet? (I know seizures are caused by electrical misfirings in the brain, but it sounds like she also has anxiety, which might be helped.)

And speaking of which, maybe an acupuncturist could do good for your back.

Please take my best wishes for you both.

Manuela said...

Gasp! Oh, Johnny!!! Do give us an update on darling Papoila!

I know you once laughed at me when I made the same suggestion as Ms.Krieger regarding hollistic/acupuncture care... not because you thought it was a daft idea but because apparently the idea of Portugal providing such types of forward-thinking animal care is ridiculous. Sooo.... bring here HERE!!!! Yes... we can visit and such in between her chiropractor appointments, acupuncture appointments, and naturopathic medicine treatements! It'll be like a Doggy medical retreat!