20 July 2007


Do you know, it's demented but I have been getting ready as though for a date - I am wearing my gorgeous new black top and, for the first time ever, this wrap-around thingy I bought in Camden from an Israeli bloke who kept flirting with me bfr my boyfriend's very eyes much to our entertainment [eh, boyfriend played it cool but I don't think he was very happy abt it] [oh well] - you wear it over your jeans and it comes down to not quite mid-thigh. It's very cute, with pockets and all, and now I finally have the bum to wear it - try wearing it over a big bum, oh yes why not draw more attention to something already inflated - so here we go, on an outing.

And all this to drive to a shopping mall and sit outside a small bookshop! And I bet I'll be early as well, even earlier than the estimated 23.30 ETA bcs God only knows what obstacles I may find during the usual 7 min drive, it could end up taking much MUCH longer and I'd be reduced to a driving puddle of adrenaline and that wouldn't do, so I'll stake my spot, a territorial micturition if you will, in case everyone forgets abt the big bookshop and decides MINE is the one to flock to but OVER MY DEAD BODY and then I'll fidget and pace till midnight and THEN the earth will finally be spinning on its proper axis. I have been so knackered due to exams and bad muscle-sleep (the stupid pillows combo is failing me again) that I am not sure I'll manage to stay up all night to finish the book (and add the live-non-spoilerish-blogging to this very post) which will surely cause a substantial piece of my soul to shrivel up - but BY GOLLY I WILL TRY VALIANTLY!

Actually, I think I'll be off now. JUST IN CASE.

so it begins!

00.25 - See, haven't even started Ch. 1 and am already in tears, I always write down where I buy the books and with whom, and in some cases in whose memory - and I'd just written For my Tig in Hebrew and - you'll see.

p.16 - Oh excellent! MAZEL TOV!

p.23 - Good God, who knew Dumbledore was Israeli!

p.23 - Buffy shout out!

p.30 - You're wrong, Harry, in my bones I know you're wrong! Just you wait.

p.38-39 - Blimey, it has a soul??

p.50 - "Soppy, slavish look" - oh funny!

p.52 - Oh nonononono, NOOO!
p.54 - Oh fuck noooooooooooo!!! This isn't going well, this isn't going well at all, poor poor thing!!!!! *SOB*

p.59 - Oh thank God for that, at least that! I'll never survive this book, never ever ever.

p.69 - Oh no, HOW ABT SAVING SOME CHARACTERS YOU SILLY WOMAN, oh shit, I HATE THIS!!! And now I'm feeling all girly and stupid and am actually also hating the fact that I am alone in my flat, this will give me nightmares! JIP just jumped onto the table and I almost screamed, GAHHH! This is not going well, no it isn't!

p.84 - Oh no, she's so brave... Oh honey...

p.110 - "It's time you earned it" - I'm so proud of you!

p.172 - And surely made to wear little yellow stars as well...

p.174 - I knew it, I KNEW IT!!!

p.385 - Oh no, not that, not fair, NOT FAIR!!!

p.476 - "You shouldn't have done that" - bloody right! 5.23 and I'm still reading, I think I'll finish it. And then - no more. How??

p.490 - Oooh *SOB*! Now THAT is loyalty. I should give a copy to a certain person. I can see why religious freaks would be worried that Harry Potter will corrupt little children, yes. Blind fools, more's the pity.

p.502 - Oh *SOB* Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!

P.512 - No no no no!!!!!! The bloody cow, how could she do this to them, why, why, WHY??? She's the writer, how could she?

p.528 - So it has come to pass, but I still say there is more to it.

p.530 - Oh nononononononono, this is too much, what abt...??? What now? Oh no, this is so sad, so so sad! I'm fed up with crying, enough!

p.548 - Ah-ha! I knew it, I knew it, IKNEWIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.551 - Oh shit, YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING! Not possible, can0t be, must not be! Shit shit shit!

p.602 - Oh I don't know. I simply don't know.

p.609 - FINISHED. I won't say anything else till you've read it but - hmm.

It's almost 7, am going to bed now.

4 furballs:

Nancy said...

Oh my, I'm going to have to order the book, because I can't make it out to buy one... or.

Maybe I can!

We'll have to see.

Lord Chimmy said...

Wait? You have read the book already!? It was just released an hour ago in the states!

Diana said...

I didn't read any of the above because I can't bear to know even what page I should expect to cheer or sob over.

I just came by to give you a large "thphpbbt" as you have it and I am waiting for the delivery truck.

Don't even think "And who's fault is that, dahling." I am not a rational being. Don't turn the pages so fast that you get a paper cut.

Udge said...

Please warn us at the start of any posts abt the book, because I won't read it before visiting family in October. My niece is a fan, will surely have read it as you did in one sitting; I'll borrow her copy.