02 July 2007


[Am still gone but had to share the good news, am sure I passed the exam I just wrote, just found out I passd Infect. Diseases and have therefore passed all difficult exams (Gabriel) AND just found out that bcs of that exams will be finished on the 18th, 9 full days ahead of schedule. I'll be able to just read, watch my series, go for walks with the dog, go swimming again, try my new curry recipe, sleep in, have sunny, indolent weekends, be... normal. !!!]



Had a brill idea!!! Why don't I simpy password-protect my blog??? HALLO! God I can be dense at times. People, this is it, if you want in send me an email (sidebar) and let's hope you have left a comment before and I know who you are. (If not, explain yourself, of sorts) Yes? Excie. That is, in case there's anyone still out there.

PS - Off to the beach, for some sea.

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JoeinVegas said...

Congratulations on the exams - we all knew you could do it (but still imagining that arm up a cow)

Udge said...

Wahey! congratulations!!

I'm glad you're back.

Aurelia said...


And yes, password protect, password please!

Diana said...

(psst!: congratulations!)

brooksba said...

Wonderful news! And yes, password protect please. I'd love the password though. (If you haven't noticed, I still checked in daily, hoping for a change. I miss you!)

Patience said...


Nancy said...

Congrats and I hope this is the beginning of healing for you.

Sun can do that.

noorster said...

Kol hakavod!

Anonymous said...

Parabens!!! What, I don't get a phone call or an email about this? I have to read it on your blog? Sheeeeesh. Now I have a whole rant about how we scheduled our trip to London around your exams and now I find it was all for naught, but I'll vent in a more appropriate space some other time. :-)

Parabens again, my dear. It seems you've actually learned to breathe underwater.


CarpeDM said...

Yay! Congrats! Password protection would be fine. Miss you!