20 July 2007

Ole Sins

That's an anagram for Lioness, I like the sound of it. [Note: Well, I couldn't leave this sentence just hanging there, it was bothering me, and then I remembered a song I wanted to download, Tenacious D's Fuck Her Gently which IS a love song and we should all be so lucky to find men this wise and willing, and hey, it fits the Ole Sins theme. But I couldn't find the original video so I leave you with a cover. Ladies, enjoy this voice.]

Yesterday with Dany, E. and their children was absolutely brilliant. God their children are amazing, I wanted to devour them! They're 8 and 6, let's call them Daniel and Gilad. Daniel is a charmer, an absolute charmer, they say every 3rd strip of Calvin and Hobbes is straight out of their lives. He called his mum at one time and just winked at her and blimey, give the child a few years and he'll be trouble. He was so interested in me, kept eyeing me and finally approached the table and we talked a bit in English, and I actually surprised myself with the extent of my comprehension of Dutch but I ended up talking to them in German (and Hebrew, for some reason whenever I speak a foreign language now sometimes Hebrew just bursts forth, or at last all 6 words I know) - and they're both so smart, even the younger one understood me! It reminded me of why I do want to have children when I lay my fears aside, it's not so much the baby stage, it's when they have grown up a bit and are becoming these fabulous beings you can talk to and who say the most outrageous and delightful things, what a tremendous gift that must be. I do hope I will have children of my own someday so I can experience it in the flesh. The younger one, Gilad, took a bit longer to warm up to me, he was interested but more cautious, but ended up nestled against me and I became his hero when I taught him how to make an aeroplane out of a piece of paper, and then he could teach HIS OLDER BROTHER how to do it, what an ego trip for a shy one. I hope some of the pics turned out all right bcs they are gorgeous and lovely and I want the reminders of the day. Fun, fun, fun. I am so in love with them, what absolutely astounding children, boisterous as the age demands, clever, charming and so well-loved it shows in every little thing they do - so Dany and E., kol hakavod and gut gemacht, those are some fine boys you're raising.

The trip back was a horror thing, no lighting whatsoever on the highway other than those tiny reflective lights on the side and I realised my nigth vision must be very poor indeed, must have it checked, I was driving at 80 km/h at times bcs I just didn't feel safe enough driving any faster, I couldn't see well enough and hated every single minute, so as a result I am all tensed up and my entire back is spastic and sore - BUT OH SO WORTH IT bcs, have I mentioned the children?

And now I am going to sit with two colleagues at an outside cafe by my house and we will relax a bit, and then I may even end up going to see the Harry Potter film bcs I don't know how to keep myself occupied till 23.30, too long, too long!, how am I to cope, so maybe by going in early and watching the film I'll make time move faster but anyway in 12 hours I WILL BE READING MY HARRY!

Off for some more freckles now, shabbat shalom and kisses galore, dahlings!

3 furballs:

Diana said...

I so very much want you to have your own little squishy Calvins. (I'm guessing you already have plenty of Hobbes).

(I often feel as though I'm living married to Calvin's dad.)

Udge said...

Would it be wrong to say that I had a crush on Calvin's mom? (C'mon, gimme a break, it was twenty years ago)

Confirmation word is "givsx" which matches nicely to the song :-)

D said...

Apologies for not returning here sooner and reading your totally one-sided report of our visit.

The boys still talk about you. But then they talk about Gollum a lot too, so not sure if that's a compliment!

Coming back to Holland is like what I imagine coming off a heroine high must be like - you immediately want more. So you found me a job yet, you lazy bum? And remember, you get to sit those gorgeous kids for no extra cost!

It was great to see you again J, and I could do worse than see you more often than once every two years.