30 July 2007

No more calf housing!

Did it, passed that last exam - surely you remember the 1st semester. God, how my life has changed since then - I'm a 5th year student!!! FIFTH YEAR STUDENT! [Am focusing on the excellent bits, *self-smooch* - right?]

Anyway, NO MORE ANIMAL HUSBANDRY EVER! Next year I'll have a whole subject devoted to farm animals [*sob*] but at least it's all clinical.


Also, it's finally hot! 40ÂșC (104F) here, it's lovely! It feels like I'm back in Israel, plus we don't have those 95% humidity levels so the heat is much more pleasant. It helps to go out and feel that heat wall since I won't be going there after all, it feels right. Hell, something should.

3 furballs:

Diana said...

Eeeeeeeexcellent! Isreal is coming to you. Bake the chill of the last few months out of your soul, dahling.

Congratulations, of course, too!

Udge said...

(waves a little flag, and pours a Campari Soda)

Nancy said...

Have Fun!!