14 July 2007

The new frontier

Have decided nothing regarding where I'll go on holiday but I want to go abroad. Thailand in the monsoon period might not be the wisest thing but I WILL go somewhere. I am actually thinking of - tchnanam! - driving to Southern Spain and travelling the old Sephardic route. All boldified for it deserves it, I've researched it and there's loads to see. Far more than here, sadly, far far more. Old synagogues, old Jews, loads of past to immerse myself in, a reconnection with my roots, our roots. Maybe even a quick hop to Gibraltar, it has such an amazing Sephardic history and a still strong Jewish community. I love visiting synagogues, I always find such peace inside (in Protestant churches as well but catholic ones? Oy, too many saints and ostentation and bleeding martyrs, like God on speed). I love to just sit down and imagine my people, our people, attending services throughout the ages, praying for peace, praying for health, praying for love, praying for money, feeling the hand of God in whichever form on their shoulders. Because we don't have much of an heritage, bcs we lost so much, I think we need it even more, we need to see the places where our ancestors might have lived to make it real for us, to really feel we are a link in an everlasting chain. I think honouring our past, even an unknown one, makes us better in the present. We struggle a lot still trying to find our true Jewish identity and my intuition tells me that the more we learn abt what there is and was the easier it will be to find our own pace, and the less pressured we'll feel bcs we will ultimately realise that it takes all sorts of Jews, it takes all sorts of lifestyles and we should all profit from being so diverse. I'd also make sure to beach-stop along the way for some breathing and ocean-frolicking. It's not too far away, it's not too expensive, I like car adventures - this could be loads of fun! Plus, did you know that in some hotels they take dogs? I could even bring Papoila along, we could be the new Famous Five! But I can't make up my mind bcs I am tired and pissy and still in a small state of disbelief and tired and tired and fucking tired of it all.

Now, these photos:

These photos (I need new photos of me, I have abt four) are extra proof that I am no good at this, aren't they the most absolute rubbish? They are. And stupid Blogger doesn't let me centre them together. But did you notice, I flipped them? I used to be facing left - that's how good I am. I couldn't even make Gimp save the bloody things, had to snag them! Blame Lord Chimmy, that Virginia devil. [Hi Chimmy! *waves madly* You need to visit sometime, can you imagine the potential for mad conversations? You could tell me abt all the blokes you have clobbered and I could tell you abt all the blokes I wish you still would! *clears throat* ]

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Diana said...

The cleaning out and cleaning up and clearing away just go on and on and on and still you will probably find something that slipped behind something when you least wanted to over the months to come.

Yeah. Good point about Thailand during monsoons. South of Spain on a sort of pilgrimage also sounds like a great idea. Go by car. Take dog. Sounds like a book could be written about it.

Nancy said...

Lioness, you are a lovely woman. Brains and beauty, sigh....if only I had both...or either, come to think of it!

Wherever you decide to go for your holiday, go there with the goal of enjoying yourself.

Will you grow as a person? Anywhere you go, you will grow, so, you may as well enjoy the journey!

(I like being driven too. It gives me the opportunity to watch what's going past, and think my own thoughts.)

portuguesa nova said...

Ooooh, you must do the Sephardic tour.

Aurelia said...

Sounds like a lovely vacation choice. And good decision about moving the pics and docs you don't want to see all the time. Excellent plan...applauds!!!

Udge said...

Sephardic south of Spain is a good idea, you'll enjoy it greatly (but it will be as hot as the kitchens of Hell).

Lord Chimmy said...

Yes, Gimp is a tad more complicated than other programs in that there is a vigorous learning curve. Are you using a PC or a Mac? I'm using the PC version, but I still think it is the same...

But, to save an image you just need to click file->Save as (or Ctrl+Shift+S). Then a pop-up opens where you type in the name. In the pop-up you can click on the select file type (by extension) link and choose the format (i.e., gif, jpg, etc). It then exports the image ready to use!

I'm glad my last laptop totally died. That saved me the trouble of creating a graveyard file.

Anyway, I hope you end up somewhere relaxing and fun for your holiday. I know you deserve it. Spain sounds awesome...I've always wanted to visit Spain myself.

And, if I ever get my passport(been dragging my feet)...as well as my finances in order I would love to visit Portugal. Mad conversations? I'm sure they would be the maddest!

Lioness said...

Hey, what abt the clobbering of the deserving??

(I wasn't clear, sorry, when I said I couldn't save it I meant the oval, couldn't do it. But I am not good at this at all nor is it too fun so let's call this a nice try and let Gimp rest in peace. )