21 July 2007

I feel like cud


I did manage to read the new Harry Potter in one sitting and do feel like cud now, re-cycled cud at that (live-blogging is at the end of the post below so if you don't want to read a thing skip the bit after the dotted line even though there are no spoilers). I'll just say the book was not what I expected and would you please hurry and finish it so we can discuss it.

Me, I've just received a text and as it happens I have to be at that stupid festival two full hours earlier bcs Olo*dum (a Brazilian band) are on at 6, so my colleague is picking me up at 5.30. Olodum are interesting but why so early and what will I do with myself for all those hours afterwards? Why why WHY?

On the up side, I'll be able to drink sangria since I'm not driving, haven't had it in ages. On the down side, it will make me lisp and my colleague probably won't want to leave early so I'll be stuck on a wind-swept hill feeling very Heathclifferish and cold with my university and its glories in full view, listening to inane singers for hours on end. Can't think of anything that I feel less like doing, truly I can't, but I also can't think of a single diversion. PLEASE SOMEONE NEED ME, don't want to gooooooo!

Don't know if it's the book or the lack of any real Summer but I am feeling a bit sad and quiet and what I reallly want is to stay in and enjoy a quiet Saturday, watching series and films curled up on the sofa or in bed, with the furry ones.

4 furballs:

Udge said...

Don't go. I desperately and urgently need you to, um, read this comment.

Or: go, see Olodum, then leave. What, are they going to erect a 5 metre wall around the site?

Listen to your inner furry.

Lioness said...

I know but it's to celebrate her birthday and she's been so excited abt it, I can't do that to her.

Udge said...

Well, yeah, we all have to do things for our friends sometimes. Pack a good book and some of that funny homemade tobacco and be as mellow as you can :-)

CarpeDM said...

Sounds interesting. I think. Thank God Beth and I have the same taste in music.