26 June 2007

Piglets and babies, with disconnected update

And I passed today's lab exam. I picked Auj*ezky's disease, most boring. We blindly pick a little wooden ball with a number on it for each of the 8 possibilities from this big chalice-like thingy, very vintage, and I actually I wanted Mast*itis, BS*E or Avian Influ*enza. But I was lucky enough, if I'd picked Ery*sipelas, Paratu*berculosis or Enterot*xemias I would have had to repeat it, I couldn't be bothered to study those, they're dreadful, simply dreadful. The Professor was an absolute darling considering I ate something that didn't quit agree with me and could be found at 6 am heavily renewing my acquaintance with the toilet bowl. I looked green, I felt green, I certainly sounded dumb but he kept coaxing me till the right answers came out, and then I was merrily sent my way. If I ever as much as sniff another ELISA I'll scream and bang it to pieces with my forehead. Seriously. Theory for same subject tomorrow, am now trying to decide whether to try and sleep for a bit or valiantly soldier on. [Am actually a bit afraid of sleeping now, even naps go awry.]

Also, had a nice message from an Israeli
/Brazilian, he wrote he was sorry to hear abt Uzi (I put up 2 pictures of him), it's always hard to lose someone, especially someone we're so close to, and he added that he was happy to see I wasn't interested in dating, that kool-anoo could be a wonderful place to network but the dating obsession scared off precisely the people that felt the same way we did and made the whole a bit seedy. YES.

Will go lie down now, may it be dreamless.

It wasn't! I'm fed up with this shit, bloody, bloody, BLOODY BLOODY FUCKING HELL! Dai, dai, dai, dai, DAI KVAR! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!

4 furballs:

Kath said...

Dear, Lioness, so glad you passed!

And I'm so glad you were spared the other decision, it would have been just the sort of pain you don't need. I hope you dream easier now.


bastet said...

May it be sweet cool blankness.

Congrats on your passage.

brooksba said...

Damn sweetie, you deserve the moment where it just starts to not hurt as much. Poor Tripod.

Glad to hear you passed the exam and hope you do well tomorrow.

I loved talking with you the other day. DM and I have been talking and thinking of you often.

CarpeDM said...

I'm glad you passed! Excellent. I'll be thinking of you and Tripod.