08 May 2007

Once upon a time there was a Labrador

Once upon a time there was a Labrador
Who was feeling a bit under the weather
He was burly and fit, like a small stevedore
But his skin couldn't get any redder

He itched and he welled and he yelped and he scratched
And changing his food didn't matter
Nor did baths or replacing the toys that he fetched
Though God knows he had fun with the latter

Now, his owner is a bit allergic to pets
When they play there's always some nasal mischief
So he knew the dog needed more specific tests
And they came to our derm for relief

After multi-injections on a clear patch of skin
We waited around for the papules to show
(They reveal what the body is treating as sin
When they swell in a nice, tidy row)

The results were astounding, believe if you can -
- It turns out this dog is allergic to man!

12 furballs:

Lord Chimmy said...

That is the first time I've ever heard of a dog being allergic to people. Though, I bet it happens a lot more than we know about. Very strange.

Udge said...

Wow, a sonnet to a pet allergy. Shakespeare would be impressed; I certainly am.

Agent Sierra said...

How sad. --To imagine such a bond between pet and owner. Is it treatable?

JoeinVegas said...

Is it alergic to woman too? (and what did it cost you to learn that?)

Aurelia said...


Good story, true or not, and how would they treat it?

Lioness said...

Hi everyone, it is true, and the dr. will prepare a vaccine to try and de-sensitise him. I coulnd't say it in the poem bcs I couldn't find a rhyme but his owner actually gets all red as well. Poor things.

Kristin said...

How bizarre...almost as weird as the horse that was allergic to hay (and, yes, it really is true).

cat said...

Poor pooch, poor man.

brooksba said...

It is good to hear the owner is still willing to love his pet and find a way for them both to live in a happy way together. I love your poem.

InĂªs said...

More, i want more of this Vet poetry, it's genius! I'm now living in a house where everyone is allergic to everything, even the neurotic shetland sheepdog...i only hope it's not air-borne contagious...See ya!

CarpeDM said...

This is brilliant! Love it. Poor puppy. Poor man. Hope everything goes well for them both.

Manuela said...

oooooohhh.... these poor souls! I hope they manage to co-exist without too much mutual suffering.