23 April 2007

No Name - like the Horse, PLUS a post

All right, here's the completed post, you rotten, ROTTEN, faceless lot. Many thanks for the new pics of those I already knew but I still have no new faces, do I. Or descriptions. The plague on you!

1. My colleague's most recent foray into Reality: No, Not Today
She is likely to be the most scatterbrained person I know, me included. She was taken ill on Friday and couldn't write the test, so she asked that she be given a Dr.'s statement from the hospital so she could prove she was there and be allowed to take the test at a later date. Since she was going to have her sinus repaired on Tuesday, she scanned the statement and sent it to me to give the teacher. I downloaded it and it read: We hereby certify that X suffers from no infectious diseases and is perfectly fit to join a Gymnastics class.
2. Three-legged cat's most recent foray into Reality: How To Kill A Rather Innocent External Drive And All Of Buffy's Third And Fourth Season Along With It, Not To Mention All Those Vet Books and Documents and Movies, And Yet, To Live
It is dead of killed death, as we say. My mental mirrors are all covered, you have no idea how many docs et al I had stored there.
[It'll be added here, as soon as my hemispherectomy is reversed. Honestly I tried but, as it transpires, sheer resolve doesn't accomplish much per se so back to re-reading Harry Potter it is.]

PS - How do you lot actually look like? It haunts me! How abt a love fest of sending me pics of you [lionessblogATgmailDOTcom, much obliged] or at the very least describing yourselves in the comments? Love it, thanks! I need it for my memory, see. If I fail any of my exams it's on your soul, infidels. I promise to only forward the drunken ones. Now git.

PPS - Why oh why can't Buffy and Angel simply be together?

Look at me pretending to be a vet!
This is why I don't much care abt Orthopaedics, this was a cervical hernia repair, the incision is this big, and this is the hernia. *Yawn* But THIS and THIS are tremendously cool [if squeamish blablabla].

Also, during today's surgery the surgeon asked me what the normal temperature range for dogs was. I said 37.9-39.2ºC. He said Wrong and moved on to the next student. They all said 38-38.5ºC. He then said All wrong, it's 38-39.3ºC. I said But-but...! and he said You were still wrong. The path of knowledge is a steep one, grasshopper.

21 furballs:

noorster said...

Wait, those are exams and not, uh, classes??

I weep.

Lioness said...

And now you know.

*reaches over own kerchief while sobbing convulsively*

Welcome to the Hell's Mouth.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, I am about 5'6", have shoulder-length brown wavy-sometimes-curly hair, and vascillate between too skinny and rather squishy, depending on the quantity of pastéis de nata or ice cream within my reach. I have hazel-ish eyes that shift from green to blue to something sort of greyish-brownish depending on the light. And I only look Portuguese from certain angles, try as I might.

Huh? What? Oh, you weren't talking to me? You already know what I look like? Oh.

(slinks off, then says over her shoulder...)

That exam schedule sucks. How does July look? Wanna pick us & all those books you ordered up at the airport?


Chris said...

Curse that Hell's Mouth!! That was the one thing I regreted about the whole Buffy series (which of course is pretty much my favorite!)

Aurelia said...

Oh, that's a crappy schedule all right. *Sigh* - you do graduate someday, right?

As for pics, I may send one, but anything that looks okay might have me posed with the kidlets. There are no pictures of me alone anymore. I'd have to have an identity as an individual for that!

Lioness said...

Oh V, you funny. Also, kindly note that that very schedule spills into July, why ruin one month alone? I'll gladly pick you up if I'm not writing an exam at that time. If I am, would you be willing to wait for me there? Know what else might help? Your letting me know what day and time you land. Wouldn't that be brill?? Oh, and a better idea would be your coming on the 27th - no more exams! For abt 10 days anyway, then I have to study again, but that'd mean us spending more time together. Yes? Fab.

And look, a Chris! Hi! Do I know you or you just happen upon me? Buffy has been on the Portuguese telly on and off, without any logical sequence, so I'm finding out I have seen most of 1 and 2 already, and I think 4 will be the one w the horrid plot, that underground organisation w that ghastly actress that ends up dead BUT OH SO LATE, and now they're showing the 6th I think, and Buffy was dead but no more and that Dawn screams entirely too much and they all sang loads in this last episode but I don't care bcs Spike - who is now a good vamp - is still hot and so is Giles and I just love them all.

Aurelia, I hope so, that's what keeps me standing anyway. Do you mention the kidlets bcs I may not want to see them OR bcs you don't want to show them? If a), I'd LOVE to see your spawn; if b) get thyself a program that crops pics and git! I do want to see you - bet you'll look nothing like I imagined, of course.

CarpeDM said...

I think you know what I look like, right? But probably not with the new bangs. Why, oh why, must I play with scissors?

Buffy and Angel can't be together because of the stupid curse and, besides, Spike is hotter. I love the musical episode.

Love you much.

Lioness said...

So. They can raise the dead but not fix a minor shagging problem. Right.

Send the fringe, woman!

Diana said...

No, no, no. Buffy needs to be with Spike. He's much more fun. Not all broody. Plus, no shagging problem at all. And, hey, Angel went and fell for Cordelia when he left for LA, so he's moved on. Dawn is horribly annoying and whiny and really gets no better, but as she's a teenaged girl, she's just making it real. Season 4 is not the best season over all, but has some of the very best episodes, like "Something Blue" and "Hush".

You've seen a picture of me. Average height, average weight, brown hair that still has the fringe (it will always have the fringe, no matter how dated) but is now a bit layered and collar length. I am fond of my eyes, though. They turn almost electric turquoise with the right top. Sadly, they are worthless without lenses, so there is the fall that goes with the pride, right? Pasty pale.

Much, much luck examming in the Hellmouth. Where's Giles when you need him?

Udge said...

Dear Lord, a whole month of exams? How and when do you, what was it called again, study? No wonder you're so irritable :-)

Udge said...

BTW: quite tall, very thin, cropped nearly-white hair. Almost always wearing long-sleeved shirts, often turtleneck or with a scarf, even at the height of summer, because I always feel cold. A friend expressed it thus: "Ratio of surface area to volume is too high."

Udge said...

I have to say, I found those photos extremely gruesome especially the horse. Not a job that I could do.

If I have nightmares, you shall hear about it.

Lioness said...

Diana, what?! Buffy has shagged Spike?? And WHAT, Angel and Cordelia? What is this, Friends? It goes round? I'm shocked. And I remember being a teenager and I was certainly a bloody pain but not like that Dawn, who I wish some vamp would suck silent already. And you mean you have a new hair style and I have NOT seen it? Oh the humanity!

Udge, our teachers' theory is, we study all year and of course remember in June what we studied in March, in detail. It is also their theory that we can hardly find things to do with our spare time, abundant that it is. And if you look carefully, it's closer to a month and a half of exams. You can see why I inquired abt yoru ability to keep yourself entertained on your own, not much free time at all. Oh, I'm always cold as well! You should come visit. In the Summer, say. And you're a ninny, that horse surgery was the most interesting surgery I've ever seen! Oooh, the gore! The instant gratification! Absolutely fantastic.

Ed said...

I definitely couldn't be a vet.
As for photo, very late (sorry) but this is Sue and me doing our stupid tourist routine:

(I can't seem to log in with my Blogger account any more - probably because I haven't upgraded.)

Aurelia said...

Hey, I sent a photo, I think to your main email. What do you think?

Serialangel said...

Hello!! I've sent you pictures and am awaiting your eventual reply **stares**.
I am black, with black and electric blue braids, which are extremely messy, with a chubby "sweet" face, big smile and big lips, an annoyingly cute little nose, small ears.

I know how you feel abt Buffy and Angel, but theres no Buffy series 1 online and I feel like weeping too! xxxxxxxxxxx

Serialangel said...

Ps: The gross pictures? Amazing. Some parts actually looked like my recipe for my tomato sauce. I am extremely worried about my sanity! xxx

Patience said...

Study - exams - blech... I don't know how you do it!!

Didn't you see the pic I had up on my blog for a while? If not I'll resend it to you... x

brooksba said...

I love seeing you as a vet. That's so fun. Loverboy needs to give you extra massages for the comment about football. But at least he's passionate about sports. That's fun and he has something that he enjoys.

I hope you know what I look like. I could take more pictures but I hate being in front of the camera. Oy!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

There is no way that you can measure temperature consistently between 37.9 and 38 degrees. That surgeon was wrong.

Lioness said...

Hi Ed, HI! Thanks for the pic - but I know you, see. I mean, I've seen you. All the infidels whom I haven't couldn't be bothered to even describe themselves in the comments. *SOB*

B, anyone under 25 is NOT allowed to stare so - sorry. I have replied, btw. You, OTOH, have not. Yet. So guess who's staring now? HA! Do not worry abt your sanity, tomato sauce actually looks alot like loads of the things we see...

Patience, I did, but would love to peruse at length to re-sending would be lovely, yes please!

Beth, exactly! Bcs watching 22 (rich) grown men run after a stupid round ball is so anguishing. Indeed.

Anon, who art thou? Are you a vet student? Elaborate, elaborate! That surgeon is driven to despair by our sutures, bcs he likes them all the same size, at exactly the same distance from each other, all knots pointing the same way - I could never even colour inside the lines so I could lie down and weep. I personally thougth I kicked ass, majorly. And this is my blog so I win, and Bob's your uncle.