25 March 2007

Letter from a candle

Dear Three-Legged Cat:

I am lovery and flickery and sound even better in my native language (bruxuleante). Are you perchance well versed in syllogisms? I propose the following:

Candles are gentle creatures but we burn
Fur and whiskers burn as well
Smelling me, therefore, invariably hurts

Your human is not too fond of the roasted pig scent now emanating from you but she
fervently hopes feels confident the whole could be a growth opportunity for you. She would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that tomorrow she will leave before 9 and be back after 4, so you might want to consider whether jumping into the closet unnoticed again is the wisest course of action.

I hope your nose and your pride recover soon.

Best regards,

10 furballs:

Aurelia said...

Ouch, I do sense a learning opportunity here, I hope the roasted pig scent leaves soon...and the kitty is better off!

brooksba said...

Oh! She is so beautiful and curious. I do hope the lesson is learned and the smell disappears soon.

Miss you!

Patience said...

Hahahaha.... Poor kitty

Anonymous said...

Aha! You ARE there, not trapped under a rock or something heavy.

Please give Tripod some smooches from me and from Minou, too.


Diana said...

Oof. Those kitties and their noses. Here's hoping that it is, indeed, a lesson learned. I'd hate for the polite, concerned Candle to have to start some sort of community education program, say in conjunction with Closet?

Agent Sierra said...

I LOVED this post. Our cat learned his lesson. There's hope for yours.

CarpeDM said...

Have I mentioned that I love you? Because I do. This was brilliant. I spent time with Eddy trying to verify whether or not he wanted to go into the closet or not this morning and I am blaming his indecision for my missing my bus and having to take a cab.

Poor sweet Hum-Hum. Please give her slightly burnt nose kisses for me. JIP and Papoila as well.

sharah said...

Oh, poor kitten!

Our bathroom closet is all scratched up on the inside because someone likes to sneak in and nap in the clean towels while we're taking a shower. Of course we never notice until like 6 hours later when we go to bed. Then the house gets quiet and we hear the pitiful meows from the bathroom. Sigh. You'd think he'd learn after five years, but he won't.

Kirkjerk said...

Is "bruxuleante" slang, or maybe modified from the root word? Just trying to figure it out w/ Google.

I gotta admit, as lovely as Portuguese is, I kind of hoped that candles might have their own native language, though it might be tough to blog.

Manuela said...

ooooh.... noooo... poor poor little kitty!!!

Honestly, how can you post this without a corresponding photo. It's criminal.