27 February 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's have a round of applause for the month we love!

All right, you all remember February, right? The month that gave me:

- The discovery of Uzi's body
- Uzi's funeral
- Israel without Uzi
- The Kibbutz without Uzi
- Kfar Sava without Uzi
- Life without Uzi
- A very non-viable pregnancy

It is the 27th and February is thus almost over. But I can only breathe once it's March - my beloved, normal, clean and sorrow-free March, the one of the Spring.

I received an email from a bloke I know from the kibbutz. It's a small miracle in itself that I actually read it today bcs I don't check my email regularly during exams. Let's call him Antony [Hi, Antony] bcs I didn't ask him whether I could write abt this but will anyway so as to try and bring down the noise inside my head seeing as I have an exam tomorrow and another on Friday. He googled the kibbutz and found me, and I have been hoping he would for a couple of years now. This is basically what he told me:

- A few hours ago he found that post I wrote with Uzi's mass email and he himself had received it so he recognised it
- He wrote to that email address and it came back, and he chuckled and thought how typical of Uzi
- He almost rang his parents to ask for his current email
- But then he found out he was killed in the tsunami

I am so relieved that he found me bcs Uzi and him got on really well and I've been wanting to talk to him for years now but - oh fucking February.

8 furballs:

Aurelia said...

Just little tiny idea here, but is it possible that an event could someday somehow redeem February? I hate February for many reasons as well, but I'm wondering, how big and awesome would a thing have to be to make February better?

Or is it just years and time passing?

Diana said...

Good-bye fucking February and good, good riddance.

Manuela said...

I have the reverse spin on Aurelia's idea... let's make some sort of symbolic February-burning party. I don't know... we all burn... erm... not bras (scratches head)... woolen mittens maybe? No. Those don't burn. And you don't wear those in Portugal. Well... maybe some of your more clever readers have a suggestion... but I'd be all up for some sort of gratuitous destruction to commemorate the notion of "FUCK YOU FEBRUARY!"

(you'll note I've forgiven the horse thing... hrmph)

Udge said...

(Poor little unloved February, blamed for things beyond her control.)

Lioness said...

Aurelia, rising the dead would be a start, I suppose.

Diana, I'd say "Amen" but see, there's a whole day full of it ahead of me still, better not risk it yet.

Manuela, why would we NOT wear woollen mittens?? Bcs it's so hot all the time? This is Portugal, not the Caribbean! OF COURSE WE WEAR THEM! I could burn them, no problem.

(Udge, February is a he, most assuredly a he.)

brooksba said...

It is better that February is the short month. I'm anxiously awaiting March. Much better for all.

You may be able to answer this and you may not. Is it harder to know right away of all the news (as it is discovered I mean) or to find out two years later? I'm thinking being the first to know is harder - the having to relive the shock again and again. I'm glad that Uzi's friend found you though - the stories and memories you can share with each other are another way to keep Uzi in your hearts. And ours.

Kath said...

Wish I could give you a hug.

CarpeDM said...

Oh sweetie, I can't wait for this fucking month to be over as well. But it's 2/28 now. Tomorrow will March 1st. Of course then we are 11 days from my freakin' 40th birthday. Oh GOD!

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

But yes, I'm very glad that you and Antony were able to connect.