01 February 2007

The funny thing abt blogging is

You may end up writing a post abt what happens to your pets when they ingest things that may kill them and the mechanisms behind them are fun but you don't post abt that bcs you think that even tamoxifen is a bit of a stretch, and then some time later, say, yesterday, you write an exam and it goes all right but you draw the world's greatest blank regarding drugs that may cause anaemia and why, and you nearly wrote "onions" bcs somehow that you remembered but they wanted drugs, not substances, and funnily enough, despite that post you wrote, you somehow fully missed ibuprofen, though you did remember paracetamol and cumarinics, but the mechanisms, what mechanisms? *furball* Your memory is a vast, sad and deserted place.

Only 17 days and 6 more to go.

My next exam is Infect. Diseases, so I started my reading this morning while at the haidresser's. I was reading up on what sort of samples to use depending on what we need to check for, and Leptospirosis requires a urine sample. Regarding sheep and how to alternatively stimulate urination it says:
Induce panic (asphyxiation). This really makes me want to cry.

4 furballs:

Diana said...

Just praise Molly-dog and she'll give you all the urine you require.

Memory is such a fickle thing. You'll now remember the drugs you missed until the day you die, of course.

Poor sheep. That really seems cruel. Can't you just hand them a plastic cup and tell the sheepdog to herd them to the loo?

Aurelia said...

If your memory was perfect you would be the only living medical person to be that way...really. Soo, when you are done at the hairdressers, put up a picture. Are you getting new hair? Coloring? Styling?

Bumble said...

Oh those poor sheep, the things we do to animals sometimes huh! The mere thought of studying or exams induce panic in me, hope I don't pee myself too... Good luck with the next one!

brooksba said...

Still thinking of you through all your exams and hoping your vast memory is even vaster for all the exams you have to take.